Roblox A 0ne Piece Game

Roblox A One Piece Game Update 8 Patch Notes

The Roblox One Piece 8 game update was released on May 8, 2022! This patch brings a maze system to the game. There is also an addition to changing the chances of dropping some rare weapons. Below are all the patch notes for the update. Quake v2 (Awakening) → Scroll drops 50% chance from Maze/Dungeon Ex-Admin Blades (Old Admin Weapon. VERY RARE) → 3% Chance drop from Maze/Dungeon Maze System ADDED!...[Read More]

Gravity Update in Roblox A 0ne Piece Game releases

Roblox A 0ne Piece game gets a new Gravity fruit update on May 4, 2022! Now you can go on a new Fujitor raid, and if you defeat them, you will have a chance to get the fruit of Gravity and a new Shikomizue sword as loot. The limit on crew members has been increased, and they have added the ability to exchange swords in the game. If you need some Whites, be sure to visit our A One Piece game codes ...[Read More]

Roblox A One Piece Game Codes (June 2022) – [🔑 + 📈 XP]!

Current A One Piece Game Codes. We’ve got the full list of all the new and OP working codes for Roblox A One Piece Game that will get you free Beli that you can use to purchase items in the game! One Piece Game is an experience developed with the One Piece game for the Roblox platform. In this anime-inspired Roblox game, players will set out to explore islands, collect bels and fruits, ...[Read More]

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