Elden Ring News

Elden Ring, Ranni’s cosplay by Jessica Nigri impressed developers

American cosplayer Jessica Nigri took a break and instead of another erotic photo shoot turned into the witch Ranni from Elden Ring. FromSoftware usually doesn’t share similar works on Twitter, but this time it made an exception. The girl paid special attention to the hat: in order for its brim to glow, she had to install LEDs and work with an airbrush. Along with the photo, Jessica Nigri pu...[Read More]

The player created a location in Minecraft from the Elden Ring.

The player surprised other gamers by showing the location from the Elden Ring in Minecraft. The work has gained thousands of likes. Minecraft fans continue to surprise gamers with their unusual buildings. The other day, redditor 3exu recreated in the sandbox one of the initial locations of the Elden Ring — the castle in which the player begins his adventure. In just two days, the post with the ima...[Read More]

The YouTuber passed the Elden Ring without a single blow

A YouTuber under the nickname Iron Pineapple passed the Elden Ring, playing a pacifist. For all the time, the gamer did not hit a single opponent — mostly they were killed by the ghosts of war and partners. In order for the spirits to live as long as possible, the blogger played for the prophet class: he has the most faith points, which allows him to treat allies more effectively. Thus, for exampl...[Read More]

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