Stalker found out the release date of part 2

Stalker found out the release date of part 2

Gloomy landscapes, unexpected twists, blood and desperate confrontation – the description of a horror movie? No! The world’s most popular game has announced the release date of Part 2 of Stalker. Of course, such high-profile news made all lovers of exciting action games wake up. What to expect from the new part of STALKER? Let’s try to answer right now.

Fans around the world were delighted with the news about the continuation of their favorite game Stalker 2, but the release date spoiled the mood a little, as the release of part 2 was again postponed to December 2023.

Journey Through Consequences

Sometimes there are tragedies that leave a greasy mark on the further development of the whole world. The explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant can no doubt be called such an event. Many years later, when it seemed as if all the terrible consequences had exhausted themselves, a new explosion occurs on the territory of the former flourishing town. As a result, the most valuable artifacts appear in Chernobylthat conquered hundreds of people all over the country with their originality. This is how the now popular profession of a stalker or a traveler in restricted areas appeared. Everyone could try out the profession virtually, without prejudice to health and life. In 2011, GSC Game World launched the now famous game Stalker, which literally blew up the public.


Realistic journey across the wide world

Excellent graphics, reasonable system requirements, intuitive controls and, of course, a breathtaking plot – all this is included in the Stalker project. After such a deafening premiere, part 2 is expected by the public as the second coming. The creators of Stalker almost immediately announced the imminent premiere of issue 2, but a couple of years later they announced that the release date of the long-awaited part 2 of the Stalker game in Russia would not take place and in general, there would be no release. It is difficult to describe in words what was happening in the hearts of the fans then., looking forward to the continuation of the game “STALKER”. Despite such a loud statement, the development of the sequel – characters, costumes, weapons and landscapes – fell into the network every now and then. The developers were treacherously silent and refused any comments. Many believed to the end that part 2 would go on sale and it would be possible to plunge into the exciting everyday life of a stalker again and turned out to be right. Everyone will be able to repeat the exploits on a dangerous journey in 2023.

And if everything is more or less clear with the plot of part 2, then the technical requirements of Stalker 2 will remain a mystery until the official presentation of the game. But we are happy to announce that Stalker has announced the release date for part 2, now it remains to wait for it and get acquainted with the brainchild of GSC Game World.



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