Sony shows insides of PS VR2 VR headset and Sense controllers

Sony has published two new videos in which they talked about the electronics of the new PlayStation VR2 virtual reality headset and the Sense controllers included in the package.

  Image Source: PlayStation

Image Source: PlayStation

Each Sense controller uses 14 infrared sensors as part of the ring structure, with three additional ones installed elsewhere. The sensors are read by the PlayStation VR2 headset’s cameras to calculate the user’s movements. Each controller has a vibration motor inside. The disassembly of the device was carried out by the developer of the DualSense game controller, Takeshi Igarashi.

Each Sense controller has five capacitive touch sensors. They are found in the adaptive triggers of the controller, the side button, the action button, and also as part of the analog sticks. The controllers are assembled in a case made of a material that transmits infrared radiation and has a coating with a texture, like the PlayStation 5 game consoles themselves – in the form of small icons “cross”, “square”, “circle” and “triangle”.

All the main electronics of the PlayStation VR2 virtual reality headset are located in the front of the helmet. For example, the headset’s eye-tracking feature works by having each lens have an IR LED and an IR camera that picks up the light from the LED, and they work together to follow the user’s eye movements.

The PlayStation VR2 is a very complex device with many small parts and microcircuits. The creators of the new helmet tried to minimize its weight and make it as compact as possible. According to Takamasa Araki, head of the PlayStation VR2 development team, the engineers managed to achieve a well-balanced and symmetrical arrangement of the internal components of the headset, as well as significantly improve the helmet’s cooling system.

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