Sony showed the unboxing of the virtual reality headset PlayStation VR2

Sony has posted an unboxing video of the new PS VR2 virtual reality headset, showing what’s in store for buyers in the box, in addition to the PlayStation 5 VR headset itself.

  Image Source: Scott Stein / CNET

Image Source: Scott Stein / CNET

Product manager Kei Yoneyama unpacked the device. She also showed how to properly put on and take off the PS VR2.

In addition to the PS VR2 headset itself, the box also contains two game controllers, a USB cable for charging controllers, complete earbuds and interchangeable ear pads for them.

According to a Sony spokesperson, connecting the PS VR2 to the set-top box is much easier than the first-generation PSVR model. To do this, just insert the USB-C cable of the headset into the front connector on the set-top box. The cable itself is not removable.

The design of the bundled headphones is similar to that of the first generation PSVR model. However, they are not interchangeable. If desired, the user along with the headset will be able to use their large on-ear headphones. Complete in this case, you can remove or place them in special grooves on the headset.

  Left PSVR 2, Right PSVR

Left PSVR 2, Right PSVR

The headband of the headset is equipped with an adjustment button for easy putting on and taking off the device. On the headset itself there is a wheel for adjusting the center distance of the lenses, a power button, a button for changing the distance of the block with lenses from the user’s face, as well as a function button that allows the user, when pressed, to see the surrounding space through the screens of the device. On the same block is a microphone.

Separately, the company is going to sell a charging station for PSVR 2 controllers. It generally repeats the futuristic design of the PS5 console itself. The station comes with two dongle adapters, with which the controllers are connected to it.

Sony has priced the PSVR 2 virtual reality headset at $550. It will go on sale on February 22. At the start of sales, more than 35 games with its support will be available.

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