Sony PS VR2 VR headset can be used with a PC, but only as a second screen

The new Sony PlayStation VR2 headset is designed to work exclusively with the PS5, but reviewers at The Verge wondered what would happen if you plug it into a PC? At one time, the first version of the PS VR virtual reality headset received unofficial PC support, but PS VR2 compatibility remained a mystery.

  Image Source: The Verge

Image Source: The Verge

“PS VR2 is designed for use with the PS5 console”, – this statement was limited to the representative of Sony public relations Beca Truong (Beca Truong) in response to a question from The Verge. She did not provide any other information. Therefore, the testers tried to answer their own question and connected the PSVR2 to the PC directly via the USB Type-C port on the AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT graphics accelerator. Windows detected the headset as a 1080p second screen, which was the only positive result as SteamVR was unable to recognize the PS VR2, continuing to ask for a VR headset.

Although Sony does not encrypt video over USB Type-C, without driver support, the PSVR2 headset can only be used as a second screen. It is to be hoped that eventually someone will make it work in the same way that PS VR was once modified to work on PC. However, due to the fact that the PS VR2 is connected via a single USB Type-C cable directly to the graphics card, the biggest problems for modders will be tracking haptic feedback and controllers.

Third party tools such as Trinus PSVR or iVRy allow the original PlayStation VR headset to work on a SteamVR PC. But as developer iVRy recently pointed out on Reddit, it took a lot of effort to get things like the accelerometer working on the new PS VR2, and open source camera tracking solutions still aren’t as good as Sony’s own.

It would be much better if Sony just officially supported the use of PS VR2 on PC. The company has put a lot of effort into porting PlayStation games to PC over the past couple of years, but so far there’s no sign that Sony will ever officially add PS VR2 support to PC. This is disappointing because at $549 it would be a really interesting alternative for PC gamers when choosing a VR headset.

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