“She was that bitch!” Brendan Fraser Explains Why He Hates Monkey From ‘George Of The Jungle’

Mr. Binks liked dirty tricks.

There is a saying: “never work with children or animals.” Brendan Fraser on the Graham Norton show told a funny story in the war with the capuchin monkey:

“She was that bitch! She had a boyfriend named Mr. Binks, who I used to work with. He would throw a fit and disappear under the roof rafters if he didn’t get what he wanted. Because Mr. Binks is a kid, and he had to wear a bikini. From time to time he would get upset, throw a tantrum, rip it off, disappear under the ceiling and start jerking off! He threw clothes at us, hooks and everything in a row.

By the way, the monkey Krystal is still being filmed – she recently appeared in Steven Spielberg’s Fabelmans, which was nominated for an Oscar.


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