Scryptonite: “In Almaty, is there anyone who plays NBA 2K?” – Games

Rapper Scryptonite has reached out to fans playing NBA 2K.

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“Guys, is there anyone in Almaty who plays NBA 2K?

### [Блин], a lot of people wrote, I did not even expect. In general, I want to stir up a little movement, I will contact those who, in principle, according to the message, it is clear that he really rides.

Everyone who writes like “I’m from another city” or “I’ll learn how to play, bro”, guys, not ##### [выносите] the brain is simple, in kind, if you don’t have enough communication, go talk with your kents.

Those who write “Let’s roll up in Fifa”, “DotA”, “Come on the computers, we have a waterman here”, you generally ###### [тупые]go ##### [к черту] simple, ”the artist wrote on his social network.

Formerly rapper Drake put $121,000 for an NBA 2K matchup between rapper 21 Savage and streamer Kai Cenat.

G2 got rid of the curse of the finals! Before that, she had not won a card in 9 attempts.

There is one non-obvious reason that helped G2 win


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