SCP Tower Defense Codes (June 2022) – Update!

In this page, we’ve put together a list of Roblox SCP Tower Defense Codes, active and working in June 2022. Thanks to this list of codes, you can get free rewards in the game!

SCP Tower Defense is a classic tower defense option that will allow you to get powerful fortifications that can stop waves of attacking enemies! The main goal of the game is to earn coins, with which you can develop your defense, and our codes will help you with this!

Updated List of SCP Tower Defense Roblox Codes

If you are a regular player of Roblox SCP Tower Defense and you usually search the Internet for codes for the game, I recommend that you save this web page in the bookmarks of your browser. We will update this guide with all published codes. All code in this list was tested just before this guide was published or updated.

Don’t forget to redeem all the codes from our list as soon as possible, as they can expire at any time.

SCP Tower Defense

List of SCP Tower Defense codes (at work)

  • badges – Redeem code for Coins & Shards (NEW)
  • evolution – Redeem code for Coins & Shards
  • maz hatter – Redeem code for Coins & Shards
  • ThanksFor10M – Redeem code for Coins & Shards
  • Red Lake – Redeem code for Coins & Shards
  • doctor – Redeem code for Coins & Shards
  • shy guy – Redeem code for Coins & Shards
  • RobloxReturns – Redeem code for Coins
  • NewJourney – Redeem code for 500 Coins

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List of Roblox SCP Tower Defense codes (expired)

  • ThanksFor5M – Redeem code for Coins & Shards
  • Gadgets – Redeem code for Coins & Shards
  • XKClass – Redeem code for 800 Coins
  • ThanksFor3M – Redeem code for Coins
  • Able – Redeem code for 75 Shards
  • ThanksFor1M – Redeem code for 1,500 Coins & 150 Shards
  • ThanksFor500K – Redeem code for 1,000 Coins & 100 Shards

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How to Use Codes Step by Step

Redeem Codes

Easy as pie, buddy!

  1. Open up Roblox SCP Tower Defense on your PC or Mobile device
  2. Tap on the Daily Rewards & Codes button on the side of the screen
  3. Copy a code from our list
  4. Paste it into the “Enter Code” textbox
  5. Hit the Claim! button to get your reward

IMPORTANT: Enter the code as it is written in our list. If you don’t, the code may not work.

Last Update


Enjoy new Badges with amazing rewards, Refer your friends for rewards and skins and most importantly, increased rewards from battles. This is truly a late Christmas!

Update Code: badges
Also! Thanks SO MUCH for 10 million plays. Enjoy this BIG code: ThanksFor10M
Next code at 20 million plays! Tell your friends!

Like, Share, Favorite for more rewards in the future!

Welcome to SCP Tower Defense! Recruit Foundation men, elite MTF units, crazy SCP devices or even non-hostile SCPs to aid in your battle against the Scarlet King and his army. Battle in places from different Sites [REDACTED] to dimensions within the SCP universe, like Infinite IKEA and UnLondon.

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This is our Roblox SCP Tower Defense code list in action June 2022. If you find any code that doesn’t work or is expired, leave us a comment below so we can fix it quickly. Hopefully this guide has helped you and see you next time.


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