Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra showed high strength and maintainability

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra showed high strength and maintainability

The authors of the YouTube channel PBKreviews have studied in detail the latest flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, not sparing the device for €1399. First, the gadget was subjected to a series of rigorous stress tests, after which it was dismantled. The novelty turned out to be very durable and relatively suitable for repair.

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Strength tests began with a three-minute immersion of the Galaxy S23 Ultra in water — the smartphone is protected according to the IP68 standard, so this did not affect its performance. The new generation Gorilla Glass Victus 2 protective glass used here for the first time easily endured attempts to scratch it with keys and coins. But, of course, they fell short in front of a set of hardness testers — tools with which the hardness of minerals is assessed on the Mohs scale. Noticeable scratches left hardness levels 8 and 9, which is higher than quartz and corresponds to emerald and sapphire.

Next, the Galaxy S23 Ultra was thrown from a height of about half the height of a person onto a concrete floor. Strong cracks appeared after each fall: on the screen, on the back surface, on the bottom and side faces. At the same time, despite cosmetic damage, the touch screen and other details of the smartphone continued to work.

Parsing the phone left mostly positive emotions among reviewers. Samsung has greatly simplified the replacement of the battery by attaching tabs to it, and the manufacturer has carefully marked all cables and connectors. Compared to last year’s S22 Ultra, the area of ​​some heat sink elements has almost doubled. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra received a 9 out of 10 repairability score from the reviewers.

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