Samsung Galaxy S23 can be powered directly from the outlet, bypassing the battery — this will save battery life

Samsung Galaxy S23 can be powered directly from the outlet, bypassing the battery — this will save battery life

A week has passed since Samsung introduced the Galaxy S23 family of flagships. With a special Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset overclocked for Galaxy data, the novelties are able to cope with any resource-intensive games. As it turned out, Samsung also made sure that long gaming sessions did not harm the batteries of devices and allowed them to be saved in the long run.

Image Source: Samsung

According to YouTube channel NL Tech, Samsung’s Game Booster gaming utility includes the all-important Pause USB Power Delivery setting. It allows you to provide power to the smartphone chipset directly from the network adapter, bypassing the intermediary in the form of a battery. This feature has previously been found in individual gaming smartphones — for example, models like ASUS ROG Phone 5 and ROG Phone 6 or models under the Black Shark brand.

Having a direct supply actually provides a triple benefit. The battery won’t degrade as quickly as it would with multiple fast recharge cycles during intense gaming. Because the battery won’t heat up in the process, the CPU itself will run cooler and not suffer as much from throttling. Finally, direct connection to the outlet allows you to almost completely save battery power.

  Image Source: NL Tech

Image Source: NL Tech

According to the Android Police portal, the Galaxy S23 consumes only 6 watts when the direct power function is activated, and 17 watts when the battery is charging in parallel with work.

For those who are used to exploiting the resources of the phone to the maximum, the function will be extremely useful in the long run. It is known that for now, Samsung’s Pause USB Power Delivery feature is limited to the Galaxy S23 series only. Perhaps someday Samsung will reach the point of being used not only in flagships.

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