Samsung began to use more recycled materials in the flagship Galaxy S23 compared to its predecessors

Samsung began to use more recycled materials in the flagship Galaxy S23 compared to its predecessors

Samsung Electronics announced that it has increased the use of recycled materials and components compared to previous models in its flagship Galaxy S23 series smartphones. This is part of the company’s program to combat climate change.

Image Source: Samsung Electronics

Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphones, the sale of which in the world will begin on February 17, and in Russia already started some time ago, are now equipped with S Pen styluses made from recycled abandoned fishing nets, volume buttons made from used plastic bottles, their cases are also made from plastic bottles, and Recycled aluminum is used to make SIM card trays. In addition, waste glass is converted into a glass substrate for displays.

Samsung is reportedly committed to minimizing its negative impact on the global environment while maintaining high product quality. According to a company spokesperson, the Galaxy S23 is a series of products that focus on sustainable technology and innovation. The company stressed that the use of recycled materials will increase the cost of production, but the vendor pays special attention to social responsibility and work with innovative technologies.

Additionally, Samsung is reportedly using recycled paper to make boxes for the Galaxy S23, and plastic protective packaging films on the front and back panels have also been replaced with recycled paper. The company has also reduced the size of the packaging compared to previous generation models and reduced the weight of the product, which is believed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions during transportation.

  Image Source: Samsung Electronics

Image Source: Samsung Electronics

Samsung has been reducing the use of plastic packaging in smartphones since 2017 and intends to eliminate such packaging from all Galaxy products by 2025.

To ensure that users use their smartphones longer, the company promises to release system and security updates for more than five years after the release of the Samsung Galaxy S23. The company expects that this will allow owners to use smartphones longer than usual.

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