Russian buyers of OnePlus 11 blocked calls because the smartphone is “adapted for another region”

OnePlus has begun blocking the calling feature on its smartphones released for the Chinese market but activated in other regions. Buyers of new OnePlus 11 flagships with Chinese firmware from Russia, India, Brazil and other countries faced the problem of regional blocking.

As one of the users of the forums said, after about two weeks of use, the OnePlus 11 smartphone bought in China stopped receiving and making calls. When you try to make a call, the smartphone displays the following message:Your phone is adapted for a certain region. Restrictions apply to the call feature in your region. To solve the problem, contact the place where you bought the phone“.

The problem is reported to only occur on OnePlus 11 smartphones with Chinese firmware, which were first enabled outside of China. As users have found out, the system files of smartphones list mobile country codes MCC (Mobile Country Code), in which regional blocking works. The list is quite long (you can read it here and check Wikipedia), but in addition to Russia, it includes Kazakhstan, as well as most countries in Europe and Asia, some countries in Africa, Canada and Mexico.

Note that in most countries from this list, OnePlus smartphones are officially sold, but the latest flagship OnePlus 11 has not yet gone on sale outside of China – this will happen only on February 16th. So there is a possibility that the blocking will be temporary, because OnePlus is trying to stop gray shipments to countries where there will be official sales.

Flashing the smartphone from the Chinese version of ColorOS to the international OxygenOS helps to solve the blocking problem. You can change the firmware both independently and by contacting a service center. True, official services are unlikely to recognize this as a warranty case, but they will probably be able to help for an additional fee. Also, experts in repair shops can help you switch to OxygenOS, but again for an additional fee.

The representative office of Oppo in Russia commented on the situation as follows:At the moment, Oppo brand devices are officially presented in Russia, which are covered by service support. Today, the OnePlus brand is not officially represented on the Russian market. If you have any problems, we recommend that you contact the place where you purchased the device.“.

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