Roblox Warrior Cats: New Ultimate Edition Update

Roblox Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition has just received the new Spring 2022 update that brings a variety of changes to the game!

Roblox Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition has released its new Spring update on May 5th, 2022! This release brings roles into the game that you can select in your clan or groups. There’s also the new Spring 2022 gamepass pack, which is on sale for a limited-time. Clan camps have also been reworked, so be sure to check out what is new!

We’ve included the official patch notes for the game below that were posted in the Discord.

  • Roles: You can now select a role for clans and other groups in your cat info panel.
  • Spring 2022 Pack: A limited gamepass is on sale! This pass will go off-sale after about a week.
  • New free accessories: Painted Ear Leaves, Petals, Cicada Wings, Section Tears, and Extended Nose Bridges.
  • Reworked Clan Camps: Clan camps have been expanded and re-designed!
  • Some bugs and exploits have been patched.
  • Small ears and blind eyes were updated.
  • Leader rocks are now labeled.
  • Removed Blink

Head over to the Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition Roblox page to try out this new update!


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