Roblox Shindo Life Renshiki 2.0 Update: New Village & more!

Roblox Shindo Life has released a new Renshiki 2.0 update that brings a variety of new content, balancing, and bug fixes to the game!

Roblox Shindo Life has released a new update on May 29th, 2022! This patch brings the 2.0 version to Renshiki, with all of the versions being available to spin. You can now head to the new village Vinland, and face off against the Renshiki boss there.

Some new codes have been added in the update, which you can find on our Shindo Life Codes page! The patch notes featured below have been slightly reformatted and are sourced from the official Shindo Life Trello.

  • All Renshiki variants available to spin
  • All Dawn Hideout bosses available in Vinland
  • Renshiki boss placed in Vinland
  • fix bruce c spec move stacking while in cutscene
  • fix bruce kenichi 1st move voiding issue fix
  • Kenjutsu Trail set to off permanently, turn on in ui
  • auto tracking re-added to black lightning 1st move
  • customization menu map hud teleport vinland
  • Renshiki Ruby color upgrade
  • Renshiki Ruby
  • New Village: Vinland (New Obelisk)
  • Renshiki Gold Change
  • renshiki axe (boss drop)
  • Renshiki Remastered
  • renshiki form 2 boss drop
  • New Taijutsu mode: Hurricane Kick into high air combo
  • Wire Kunai (Throwable)
  • Last Pyromania move doesn’t take chi fix
  • Sengoku Gaiden Idle animations fix
  • elemental m1s for renshiki 1st
  • from 2 c spec = dragon trap phoenix explosion
  • form 2 e spec = 1st c spec
  • form 2 q spec = stays the same
  • form 2 = monkey rock
  • C spec 1 = Deep Crimson Spiral
  • 3rd move = giant chi bomb thing
  • Q spec 1 = Pheasant Hunter
  • 1st move add eye on hand and absorb players chi if they attack the plr
  • 2nd move change to rush combo attack

That’s everything you need to know about the Shindo Life Renshiki 2.0, New Village: Vinland Update.


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