Roblox Islands Fishing Update: Patch Notes – developer of Roblox Islands and BedWars, has just released a new Fishing update!

Below you will find the full patch notes describing all the changes made by the update to the Roblox Islands.

Fishing Update Patch Notes

Reworked Fishing

  • We have updated the fishing system with a new mini-game to catch fish and added an improved bait system. Keep a lookout for new treasures to fish up!
  • Fishing now has new animations, sounds, and a new game mechanic!
  • Due to increased algae growth on Slime Island, certain fish have migrated to Wizard Island and Buffalkor Island
  • Some fish can only be found on particular islands and fish rarities have changed – check in with Fisherman John for the latest prices!
  • Fishing rods now have additional properties
    • Decay Slow: Better fishing rods preserve your fishing progress better now
  • The Iron Fishing Rod is now level-locked at level 20
  • Leveling up your Fishing experience level now increases your chance to find treasure while fishing by 0.1% per level
  • Pro Pass players now have an overall increased chance of finding treasure while fishing of 3%
  • Bait (Tier 1) now increases your fishing speed by 15%
    • Rumor has it there exists a better bait recipe for experienced fishers…
  • Can no longer fish up blueprints – fishing tank decorations are now unlocked as you increase your fishing level
  • Replaced pearls with Crystallized Aquamarine in the Aquamarine Sword crafting recipe
  • Replaced pearls with Crystallized Iron in the Washing Station crafting recipe

Fish Market Changes

  • Infernal Fish price decreased from 1000 → 800
  • Tuna price increased from 900 → 1000

Other Changes

  • Greatly improved hub performance!
  • Performance improvements
  • Enabled reset functionality on player island

Crop Market News

  • Starfruit demand has calmed back down (67 → 60)
  • New Zealand has been recognized on more maps and kiwi fruit prices have soared! (24 → 32)
  • Due to heavy rainfall, watermelon prices have gone down (80 → 75)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed very annoying bug with bobber part applying unseemly centripetal force to the player
  • Fixed the collision of the lights in the hub
  • Melody is no longer inside the ground
  • Fixed visiting friends on wild islands

So, these were the notes for the Roblox Islands Fishing update. For the latest information about the Roblox platform, visit our constantly updated news page!


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