Roblox BedWars: Season 4 Update Patch Notes

Roblox BedWars Season 4 has been released on March 18th, 2022! This new patch brings the Season 4 Battle Pass with some brand new kits for you to earn by leveling it up. there’s a bunch of skins, kill effects, lobby gadgets, emotes, and lobby titles to earn!

You can also check out the Vending Machines that will be dropping in matches that allow you to purchase items for 8 Emeralds each. You will find a bunch of other things that were added to the game in the patch notes below!

?New Battle Pass Kits !

  • ?Agent
  • ?Hitman
  • ?Cloner
  • ♥ Hearthbreaker


?Gold Currency!
a New Currency has been added, GOLD! Buy Gold with Robux or get Gold from completing all your challenges every Week!

?NEW : Dances!
Collect 5 Dances althrough the Battle Pass! Show your style!

?New Mission System!
Now, you’ll get 3 Daily Quests and you’ll be able to buy 3 New Daily Quests with a sheep price of Robux! BUT Now theres 5 Weekly missions!

a New Lobby has been added for the Agent & Gold hunts ! Interact with new NPC’s that will dialogue with you and discover new EASTER EGGS!

? Free kits of the Week :
?Grim reaper
?Pirate davey

?TRIO Mode!
The new Trio mode has been added! Have fun with it! ( NOTE : All Double Maps got recovered to Trio too !)

?Gold in-game material!
a Adjustement got added, all Iron stuff is now purchasable with gold, the Knockback baguet is back its purshasable with 12 Gold!

? New Maps :
? Agency ( Squad, Trio )
?Airport ( All Modes )
?Giant Cake ( Sqauds and 16V16 )
?Surfplace ( All Modes )

Other Changes :
?Infection Mode back for this week!
?ALL Limited time modes removed except 16V16
?New Trio & Solo Lucky Blocks modes!
?Torcher has been buffed!
?Jump and Invisibility Potions back!
?RETURN Of the Knockback baguette!
?The Bounty Hunter kit got redesigned and re-worked!
?New 1 V 1 Mode added to Custom matchs!
?Aery Kit got slighly nerfed!
?3 NEW Items added to Lucky Blocks!

BedWars Season 4 Update Patch Note

  • Battle Pass Season 4
  • Nyx Kit
  • Crocowolf Kit
  • Sheep Herder Kit
  • Alchemist Kit
  • 2 more kits coming soon!
  • 2 kit skins
  • 3 kill effects
  • 3 lobby gadgets
  • 3 dance emotes (NEW!)
  • 34 image emotes
  • 21 lobby titles

Vending Machines

Dodo Co. has started airdropping Vending Machines in all BedWars matches. Purchase a random legendary item from a vending machine for 8 emeralds. The Vending Machine includes items that are impossible to obtain any other way! Vending Machine Airdrops arrive 9 minutes into the match.

Possible item drops

  • Paint blaster (NEW!)
  • Carrot cannon (NEW!)
  • Dodo bird
  • Twirl blade

New Lucky Block Items

  • Turtle shell
  • Sleep splash potion

Free Kits of the Week

  • Barbarian
  • Melody
  • Davey

New Maps

  • Western (squads + doubles)
  • Dome (squads)
  • Coliseum (squads)
  • Volcano (squads + doubles)
  • Quarry (squads)

Other Changes

  • Nerfed dodo bird jump height
  • Raven: fixed poison not preventing health regen
  • Raven: changed explode keybind from “X” to left click
  • Frosty: removed slowness from snowballs
  • Frosty: buffed snowball spawn rate
  • Custom match command: /give (player) (@all) (@team: team_color) (item) (item amount)

Ranked Update

Ranked mode will be resetting next week. All players who finish nightmare will receive exclusive rewards!

That’s everything you need to know about the new update that was released for Roblox BedWars.


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