Roblox BedWars Lassy Rework Update!

The Lassy set has been completely redesigned in the latest Roblox BedWars update!

**🤠 Lassy (REWORK!)**

Lassy now has a much more powerful lasso! She can pull enemies all the way to her. Additionally, her lasso now disables all movement abilities for 7 seconds (Jade, Void Regent & Yuzi).

**🍃 Vacuum (NEW Lucky Block Item!)**Use this new item to vacuum your enemies and shoot them away!

**🏰 Clan Chat** You can now talk in real-time & leave messages for your clanmates!🎮

**Game Modes (NEW Rotation)**

Skywars Doubles is back! (Replacing Skywars Squads)- Duels is back! (Replacing Gun game)

**🆓 Free Kits of the Week**

🧑‍🌾 Farmer Cletus🧑‍🍳 Baker💥 Archer

**🗺️ New Maps**

Sanctum (Doubles)Sanctum (Squads)

**⚙️ Other Changes**

🚑 Life Steal nerf max overheal shield: 25 → 10🚑 Life Steal nerf heal per second: 9 → 4🤖 Vending Machine emerald cost: 8 → 6🤖 Vending Machine loot pool: Dodo bird removed🐻 Bear Claws swipe damage: 25 → 45🔥 Ember fix: Disable charging while using spin attack🔥 Ember & Lumen: Fix stuck in charge weapon state


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