Roblox A One Piece Game Update 8 Patch Notes

The Roblox One Piece 8 game update was released on May 8, 2022! This patch brings a maze system to the game. There is also an addition to changing the chances of dropping some rare weapons. Below are all the patch notes for the update.

  1. Quake v2 (Awakening) → Scroll drops 50% chance from Maze/Dungeon
  2. Ex-Admin Blades (Old Admin Weapon. VERY RARE) → 3% Chance drop from Maze/Dungeon
  3. Maze System ADDED!
  4. New Level Cap: 2750 → 3000

You can watch the details on all of the additions to the game in the following video:

That’s everything you need to know about the new update for A One Piece Game! You can find a lot more great content for the platform in the Roblox section of our website.


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