Riddick knows the release date of part 4 of the movie

Riddick knows the release date of part 4 of the movie

Many people want to know when the exact release date of the film “Riddick 4”, called “Fury”, will already be known. But more unfortunately, it is not known. As you remember, we had to wait almost eight years for the third part, after the release of the previous film. But this time, I don’t think that will happen.

We also know the estimated release date for Riddick 4 is October. 2024. Although no one has decided on the date yet, we already know the month.

Fresh news from behind the scenes

Recently it became known that the work on writing the script for the future premiere has ended, and the film crew is ready to start hard work. Vin Diesel, the lead actor, spoke about this in a blog post. They also managed to find out that the 4th part got the name “Fury”.

I wonder what lies behind such a mysterious name? Who is this fury and what impact will it have on the fate of the protagonist?

Work on the script for the next “Riddick” began in 2015 and has just now been completed. We hope that the filming speed will be higher, otherwise, we will have to wait until 2025 for the release date. The actions of the creators and their slowness are explained very simply – the previous part failed at the box office, showing such sad results that the creators had to wipe their tears and count the losses. And now, after 9 years, they finally “saved up” the required amount and started work on the “Fury”. We hope that part 4 will not suffer the fate of its predecessor.

Riddick 4
Riddick hides the exact release date of part 4

“Fury” will tell us a new story of the adventures of a dangerous thug, ready to kill to save his own skin. Naturally, the details of the new chapter of “Riddick” have not yet been disclosed. What details can we talk about, even if the cast of the Furies has not yet been approved. Except for the inimitable Diesel, of course.

About the new film Riddick 4: Fury

The film, as you know, is about the most dangerous criminal Riddick. They are afraid of him, and not everyone dares to stand in his way. But the main character is no ordinary thug – he has dignity, and he kills to save his life. Few people thought about what a person is ready to do when it comes to his self-preservation. In the last part, we realized that in any situation you can not relax, even when you are sitting on a throne and with many guards. What happened to Riddick, he lost his knack and fell into a ridiculous trap of the allies.

Riddick 4
Riddick waiting for the Fury

The protagonist of the story was the last of his kind, and he wanted to find his home planet. But he was lured by deceit to an uninhabited planet, where he was left alone with death. What to say about part 4? First, Riddick will want to avenge the betrayal.and secondly, he must find his homeland, and understand who he really is.

The plot of the film “Fury” will be unpredictable and Vin Diesel will remain in the lead role. We look forward to the return of our beloved actor in a new chapter with the mysterious name “Fury” and its release date.

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