Review of the second series «One of us». The Infected are really scary — and they kiss nastyly

Review of the second series «One of us».  The Infected are really scary — and they kiss nastyly

The drama is already better than the game.

The second series of «One of Us» came out a week later, but it seems like an eternity has passed — so much I wanted to see the continuation. The heroes first encountered a dangerous infected and walked through the ruined Boston. The series catches more than the pilot: here is a quality drama and the start of an excellent road movie, which is often lacking on TV.

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Beware — there are spoilers for the first episode!

At the end of the pilot, Ellie showed the companions a bite, and now she is not trusted. The girl sleeps peacefully, but Joel and Tess keep their eyes on her. Ellie wakes up and realizes the seriousness of the situation: until she tells what the Cicadas are for, the heroes will not budge.

Gradually, the trinity rubs against each other. All thanks to communication and joint adventures through creepy places. Dialogue is an essential skill, and Joel is clearly lame here. The smuggler does not want to answer questions and sternly stops conversations. But when you need to accurately shoot someone or fight off the most dangerous infected, Joel is no doubt an imba.

The lore of the series is acquiring more and more new details, and fan theory confirmed: it all started with a flour mill in Indonesia. The local authorities immediately reacted to the first manifestations of the infection: those who got caught were simply shot without trial and consideration of the case. Well, yes, there was nothing to bite!

An Indonesian mycologist (mushroom specialist) saw only one dead infected, but after the words about 14 missing from the scene, she seemed to put an end to humanity. A completely adequate woman gave only one terrible advice: bomb the city! She already understands that the danger of the fungus is off scale, and only such inhuman methods can save other people. If they had listened to her right away, the infection in Jakarta could have been stopped.

There are discrepancies with the plot of the game again. In the game, Ellie was bitten only once, and in the new episode she has already been bitten for the second time. She received another dose of the fungus through negligence: it’s nice that her body does not react in any way. But we see the contrast between her indifference and what happens when an ordinary person is bitten. Joel has now seen for himself how important and unique Ellie is.

Infected in the series interact differently when compared to the game. Now the infected feel each other. They can sleep peacefully miles from Joel, but as soon as he shoots the living dead, they immediately break down and run for revenge. The innovation will bring the heroes a lot of problems, because now you need to be as careful as possible and bypass every dead man you meet.

Otherwise, the series finale still repeats the game, but leaves a much bigger aftertaste. The strong arch in the Boston Capitol is more logical here, thought out and, thanks to the changed perspective, effective.

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Emotions from viewing really go off scale! Sarah’s death is difficult to surpass, but the authors succeed — and what is very important, this is not the limit for them. Neil Druckmann’s debut as a director will also be remembered for the vile finale, where the infected kisses the man.

While we see a real adventure in a dangerous world where you don’t know what’s waiting outside the door. The Naughty Dog and HBO version of the post-apocalypse looks impressive and frighteningly beautiful. When nature claims its rights to human creations, the resulting mix evokes special feelings. Do not wait for the release of all episodes, this show should not be postponed until later.

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