Review of the fifth series “One of us”. A bunch of monsters (but they are worse than in the game)

A new zombie has stolen the series finale.

The fifth episode of “The Last of Us” aired on Saturday morning because of the Super Bowl, a high-profile sporting event in the United States. We’re even better at seeing the perfect episode of our favorite show 2 days early! “We Can’t Break Us” is a wonderful mix of drama and action, seasoned with an unexpected ending. Let’s meditate.

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The fourth series ended with a sharp episode: sleeping Joel and Ellie were found by Henry. All Caitlin’s people are looking for him, because he betrayed her brother, the former leader of the FEDRA resistance. Now Henry, in fact, the last surviving traitor, and to get out of the town, he needs help.

Joel doesn’t like being poked with a gun, but Ellie convinced everyone in the room that the conflict can be resolved amicably. Henry and his brother Sam turn out to be nice guys, especially if you don’t know about Henry’s past. He is a collaborator and does not hide it, but now many wish the hero to die. And yet, deep down, we understand the choice of the hero: he will do anything for his brother, and for this he can only be respected.

The authors perfectly showed the ambiguity of most of the characters in the series. Here is the leader of the resistance Caitlin looks like a dandelion of God, but, without blinking an eye, orders to kill a group of collaborators (at least 5 minutes ago she promised them a fair trial). After the change of power, it was she who gave the order to kill all the people of FEDRA.

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Yes, we learn about the FEDRA atrocities in Kansas City, their absolute impunity and brutality. But Caitlin is no different from them! After gaining power, she allowed her people to maim enemies without trial or investigation. Even her brother – the former leader of the resistance – asked her to be more merciful. He didn’t succeed: if in 2023 it’s normal for them to play gangster tricks with strangers and shoot without warning, then what do you think will happen in 10 years? Her people will turn into the same FEDRA flayers.

In the game, the heroes of Henry and Sam receive little attention. Here, Mazin’s script reveals them: Sam loves to draw with crayons, loves comics and superheroes. On this basis, they became friends with Ellie – the girl is looking after an 8-year-old boy so that Henry can catch his breath a little. A lot of responsibility fell on the older brother, and it’s not a fact that he will pull it. That’s why Henry went out to Joel: he saw how he was shooting, and realized that they would help each other get out of the occupied zone.

If you don’t walk on the ground, only the air and the subway remain. You won’t find planes in the city, but there are tunnels, and Henry is ready to see everyone through. In the tunnels they met something curious, but further adventures on the surface cause only delight!

Dynamics returns to the series again: of course, thanks to the monsters. In one fine moment, a whole horde of undead gushed out of the ground and became a real surprise for the heroes! Next, a driftwood got out: although the monster looks impressive and is terribly strong (it tears people apart!), But, alas, it was more impressive in the game. All because of the ability of the original drifter: he tore off the poison sacs from himself and accurately threw them at the player. Every gamer will remember the video game snag for a long time, but the cinematic one will most likely be forgotten tomorrow.

However, when your heroes don’t know who exactly to shoot at, and seconds count, it’s really great! While The Last of Us is a top-notch drama with complex characters and intriguing situations, it often lacks the primal essence of a zombie series. When the ghouls climb from all sides, the characters just run wherever their eyes look, and you sit on the other side of the screen and cheer for them with all your heart! It would be more like that.


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