Professor Chesnoke from Hogwarts Legacy conquered the Internet

Professor Chesnoke from Hogwarts Legacy conquered the Internet

A young herbology teacher breaks hearts.

Although Hogwarts Legacy is considered a role-playing game with a bunch of interesting features, there is no opportunity to have a romance there — and even more so, there are no sex scenes. Which did not prevent users from finding their favorite and sympathizing with her in every possible way.

The choice fell on a young teacher of herbology — Professor Chesnoke. The red-haired beauty perfectly knows her subject and skillfully teaches students how to plant a mandrake without going deaf. She has completely captured the attention of Tiktok and Twitter users: people confess their feelings to her, constantly go to the herbology class and dream of new tasks from their favorite character!

In addition to beauty, Garlick also takes kindness and openness. Every time you walk into herbology class, you want to walk up to her and have a heart-to-heart talk. It is a pity that the dialogue is really short, and there are no new lines yet.

Catch the reaction of the Internet to the young professor.

«I’m every 3 seconds — I need to check the crop.»

«Save the family or go on a date with Professor Garlick.»

«Innocently playing Hogwarts Legacy all day and then…damn!»

“The world is a cruel and unfair place. There is no harmony in the universe, the only constant is suffering. A minute later: «Gods, Professor Garlick!»

«I will never be a simp (someone who tries very hard in a romantic relationship) — At your service, my queen!»

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