Princess Diary – plot and release date of part 3

Princess Diary – plot and release date of part 3

To create a continuation of the tape, sometimes you need to wait a couple of decades, let the idea settle – this is how the creators of this project decided. Whether the long pauses are justified, we will find out when the 3rd part of the film “Princess’s Diary” is released. We tell you what is known about the film and when to expect the start of the show.

Disney decided to resurrect an interesting story and announced the release date of the 3rd part of the “Princess Diary”, which is already scheduled for 2024!

From simple to queen

Mia is an ordinary teenager from San Francisco, leading an ordinary teenage life. After the death of her father, the girl learns that he was a prince, and she became the heir to his title. The queen, Mia’s grandmother, arrives to report this change of situation. She intends to re-educate the heiress – royal position requires special manners and etiquette.

The main character is shocked by the opportunity that has fallen on her. On the one hand, this is just a great chance, and on the other hand, she will have to give up her ordinary life, friends and her beloved home. In the first part of the franchise the girl had to make this difficult choice.

Princess Diary is getting part 3 on Disney

The release date of the first part of the picture took place in 2001, and the audience did not even know that a sequel would be released soon. The second chapter was presented in 2004. In it, the princess was to become a queen, but before that – to pass a lot of testsincluding attending a responsible ball and passing a difficult statecraft exam.

And recently it was announced that the adventures of the girl will continue in the film “Princess Diary 3”, the release date of which is still a secret. It must be said that no one really expected a new part Almost 20 years have passed since the second chapter. But Disney decided otherwise – it’s not too late to release a cool movie even after two decades.

The public took the news with restraint, but indulged in nostalgic memories. Whether the bosses will be able to conquer old fans again or get new ones, we will find out when the tapes go on the air. And when it will be – we will tell later.

When will the 3rd part of the movie Diary of a Princess come out?

And what about the actors?

When the release date for The Princess Diary 3 was announced, many asked the logical question – who will play the titular role? Recall that in parts 1 and 2, Anne Hathaway became the key actress, but then she was a little over 20, and now 40 is a bit too much for a princess. Fans speculated that the main character can be, for example, the daughter of Miaand events will develop in the modern world with social networks, equality and all that.

Whether the assumptions will come true, we will find out later – now Disney is producing a fresh chapter and does not cover the details. The film will be produced by Debra Martin Chase and written by Aditya Mukherjee. In general, what the Princess Diary will tell us in part 3, we will find out after the release date of the film on Disney, in the meantime, you can review past issues and nostalgic.

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