Played the final of the 2022 World Cup in FIFA. France is world champion, Griezmann became the hero of the match

Mbappe took the second World Cup.

The World Championship is coming to an end. In the simulation of the semi-finals, FIFA guessed the victory of the French team over Morocco, but made a mistake with their next opponent – in reality, Argentina defeated the Croats.

Who will become the world champion? We played the final match of the 2022 World Cup in FIFA and found out the winner.

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Argentina – France

The teams approached the final match in almost perfect lineups. Left-back Acuña returned to the start of the Argentines, while Upamecano played for the French. Rabiot remained on the bench – as in the semi-finals, he was noticed by Monaco midfielder Fofana.

The first half began with mutual attacks. In the eighth minute, Kunde fired a cross at Fofan, but his shot was blocked, and Dembele’s shot after finishing Martinez repelled. Then Mac Allister beautifully got away from Upamecano’s tackle, entered the French penalty area, but hit higher. Dynamic game from gate to gate was stingy for moments.

France opened the scoring in the 34th minute. Griezmann took the ball in midfield, waited for the moment and gave a pass to Dembele, who ran on the right flank. Usman put the ball in the corner – 0:1.

Four minutes later, the French threw the second. Griezmann saw an open Mbappe and rolled out under attack. Kilian brilliantly struck in touch – 0:2.

In the second half, the Argentines rushed to the attack. Moments got Alvarez and Acuna, but the French pushed them back from dangerous positions, so Lloris easily kept all the blows. France responded with occasional counterattacks.

At the 76th minute, Argentina returned the intrigue. Acuña rebounded on the flank with Messi and shot along the goalkeeper’s area, while Di Maria drove the ball into the net – 1:2.

The end of the match was left for France. In the 89th minute, Mbappe ran off to the counter and gave an accurate pass to Dembele, but the Barcelona winger did not outplay Martinez. Usman really wanted to improve, so he robbed Alvarez and gave it to Coman for empty. Keeper Argentines again saved the team.

In stoppage time, Argentina fled in a desperate attack, but Lloris calmly parried Alvarez’s shot from a distance. France is the world champion in FIFA!

Argentina – France 1:2

Goals: 0:1 – 34 Dembele, 0:2 – 38 Mbappe, 1:2 – 76 Di Maria


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