Philips launches headphones specifically designed for sleep use

Philips launches headphones specifically designed for sleep use

TP Vision, which owns the rights to use the Philips brand, has announced the release of headphones specially designed to be worn even in your sleep. The N7808 model was developed in collaboration with the Kokoon brand, which have Nightbuds headphones in their portfolio with almost the same appearance.

Image Source: Philips

When developing the design of the model, the possibility of using it in bed was specially taken into account, and the earbuds hardly protrude from the ears, largely due to the fact that their thickness is only 6 mm. In this case, we are talking about a «reinforcing» model, with the so-called. a balanced armature that provides optimal performance even in compact liners comparable to classic versions with a thickness of 20 millimeters or more.

However, what makes the headphones truly unique is the use of sensors that can track sleep patterns, which allows you to stop sound playback after the user has fallen asleep.

The disadvantage is the integration of many sensors into a special module, which is located on the back of the user’s neck during operation. It also has a built-in battery and a Bluetooth module. Data on the use of active noise cancellation is not available. However, the generation of smart «white noise» is provided, which partly masks the sounds from which the user can wake up.

  Image Source: Philips

Image Source: Philips

The battery charge is enough for 10 hours of operation, which, given the main purpose of the novelty, will be enough for most users. A special application developed in cooperation with Kokoon allows the user to track the duration of sleep, as well as its phases and the duration of each of them. The SN7808 are already available for $174 for early buyers, later the headphones will cost from $249.

This is not the only unusual announcement. According to experts, Apple is preparing in the foreseeable future to release an unprecedentedly cheap model of wireless headphones for the company at a price of $99.

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