Perils in the Dark – Genshin Impact World Quest Guide

Perils in the Dark is a World quest for Genshin Impact. Guide contains how to start, walkthrough, answers, how to unlock, & rewards.

The strange crystal plummeted toward the ground and shattered it, revealing an entrance to even greater depths. Who knows what’s down there… But either way, it would be best to proceed with caution.

Requires Quest

The Heavenly Stone’s Debris

Unlocks Quest

Wherefore Did the Spiritstone Descend?
Stolen, by the Rightful Owner

Table of Contents

Perils in the Dark – How To Unlock & Location

Perils in the Dark is the fifth part of The Chasm Delvers World Questline. It continues where The Heavenly Stone’s Debris left off. Follow the quest marker to the Nameless Ruins from the Stony Halls to investigate the dark fog.

Perils in the Dark – Walkthrough & Tips

  1. Take the path that leads deeper in
  2. Examine the dark fog in front of you
  3. Look for clues near the dark fog
  4. Read the logs
    • Completing this step unlocks a portion of the map.
  5. Ring the two bells on either side of the ruins (0/2)
    • Use the nearby seelies to recharge Lumenstone Adjuvant energy if needed.
  6. Approach the dark fog
  7. Defeat the Abyss Lector
    • Abyss Lector: Fathomless Flames ×1 (Egill)
    • Abyss Lector: Violet Lightning ×1 (Agnarr)
  8. Pick up the object that the Abyss Lector left behind

How to Ring the Bell in the North Ruins

First Bell

Follow the quest marker to the quest area south of the Underground Waterway. Head to the location of the Teleport Waypoint, where a door guarded by a Shadowy Husk will automatically open and let you through.

From there, follow the quest marker to the giant ruin and climb up. Once you climb the vines, you’ll find a small hole that you can pass through. Ignore it and go the other way, which will allow you to climb to the top of the ruin.

After defeating the Abyss Mages, recharge the vines with your Lumenstone Adjuvant. You need to have at least 3 charged bars of energy to do this!

Hit the vine to release a small AoE projectile to the purple rocks around the monument to clear the Dark Mud and unlock it. You can also use your Lumenstone Adjuvant!

Your goal is to unlock the mechanisms and remove the purple stones. You can do so by firing a projectile from the plant, targeting both the mechanisms and purple stones. You need to attack the plant facing the direction of the target. The closer you stand, the shorter the reach of the projectile. So for the farther mechanisms and purple stones, stand slightly away from the plant for the projectile to reach.

Successfully firing at any of the mechanisms or purple stones will cause a chain reaction, affecting similar nearby structures. After all of the mechanisms have been unlocked and all purple stones have been removed, the bell at the other side of the clearing will unlock. Attack it to prompt a cutscene to play, completing this part of the quest.

Second Bell

We go to the second bell.

Here you need to make sure that 4 of these lamps burn at the same time. But, to be honest, I can not say whether it is necessary to do this or not. If it works without them, then be sure to write in the comments.

To uncover the western cross, use your Lumenstone Adjuvant to destroy the Dark Mud. Recharge the Lumen monument to permanently light up the southern cross.

Spread out the two Luminous Seelies to place it on the west and east crosses.

Stand on the last remaining cross on the north to complete this first puzzle.

Get the chest to spawn an air current and another Luminous Seelie. Ride the current afterwards.

Stand on the cross opposite of where the Luminous Seelie is to activate the mechanism.

Drop down to see a Ruin Grader sitting on Dark Mud. Dispel the Oozing Concretion first with your Lumenstone Adjuvant, then defeat the enemy!

Ring the bell by hitting it to complete this puzzle!

Objectives & Dialogues

Take the path that leads deeper in
Fatuus’ Journal
Fatuus’ Journal: “…Staff Sergeant Anton has discovered a large bell to the southeast. The rock walls have “their” script all over it…”
Fatuus’ Journal: “…This is very similar to the large bell that the Captain discovered in the ruins to the northwest. Perhaps…”
Fatuus’ Journal: “…We dispatched Snezhevna and Fadeyka to ring the two bells in their respective corners…”
Fatuus’ Journal: “…As the terrifying tolls reverberated through the stone, the black fog dissipated. What a strange phenomenon… it’s almost like the bells were announcing someone’s arrival…”
Fatuus’ Journal: “…Ten were lost, two vanguard squads took immense damage. The Captain ordered a retreat…”
Fatuus’ Journal: (A simple map falls out from the diary. The map marks out the two bells in the northwest and the southeast, with two ominous skulls to go with them.)
Examine the dark fog in front of you
Look for clues near the dark fog
Read the logs
Ring the two bells on either side of the ruins
The Sunken Ruins Bell’s Toll
The Sunken Ruins Bell’s Toll:
Ring the two bells on either side of the ruins
The Submerged Ruins Bell’s Toll
The Submerged Ruins Bell’s Toll:
Approach the dark fog
Defeat the Abyss Lector
Tell of your adventures in The Chasm.
Pick up the object that the Abyss Lector left behind
Jinwu: Ah, you’re here. What is it? Would you like me to refine your Lumenstone Adjuvant?
Refine the Adjuvant
See you.

Perils in the Dark – Rewards

Adventure EXP x 450
Primogem x 50
Mora x 50000
Hero’s Wit x 5
Mystic Enhancement Ore x 6


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