Peak Online MultiVersus on Steam has dropped over 99% since release

At the start, the shareware platform fighting game MultiVersus from Player First Games studio achieved impressive online performance and even topped the popularity rating among Steam Deck owners, but interest in it quickly faded away. In just six months, the peak number of players on Steam has dropped by more than 99%.

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MultiVersus was actively played even before the official launch, despite paid access to the beta version. On July 27, 2022, a day after the official premiere, the fighting game simultaneously attracted 153,433 users (a record for the genre on Steam). A month later, the figure fell below 45 thousand people. At the end of September, the maximum number of simultaneous players did not reach 10 thousand, and in December it dropped below two. Over the past day, the result was only 1114 users. Thus, compared to the week of release, peak online has decreased by more than 99%.

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Apparently, MultiVersus is also empty on consoles. According to TrueAchievements, based on an analysis of more than 2 million Xbox accounts, the active audience has decreased by 96%. In August, Warner Bros. Games announced that over 20 million users have tried out MultiVersus across all platforms.

One of the reasons for the decline in popularity is the low rate of content release. As part of the first season, the developers added five characters (Rick, Morty, Gizmo, Stripe and Black Adam), but in the second, which began in November, they limited themselves to one – Marvin the Martian. Judging by the mentions in the game files, Samurai Jack, the Joker and Pickle Rick are being prepared for the third season, but it was moved from February 14 to March 31, which caused dissatisfaction with the audience. Demanded rating mode returned on a regular basis this week only.

In addition, users complain about the lack of arenas, the abundance of paid cosmetic items and their high price, an unattractive battle pass, shortcomings in gameplay mechanics (including hitboxes) and balance, a broken matchmaking system, problems with servers, as well as many bugs that have not been fixed since the release. . Gamers note that the developers do not listen to their feedback at all.

Steam ratings have dropped from “very positive” (87% based on 92.8k reviews all time) to “mixed” (63% based on 713 reviews in the last 30 days). “Servers are so bad that even good gameplay wouldn’t save this game”wrote RipeDumpling.

MultiVersus is available on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S.

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