Outlast 2 coming soon…

Outlast 2 coming soon…

Already everyone is tired of waiting for the release date of the game Outlast 2, which does not take place. At first we were promised that it would appear in the fall of 2016, now the developers have said that it will definitely be released in the first quarter of 2017. The first quarter has come, but there is no rumor or spirit about the game. Although on the other hand they can also be understood, because they need to test the whole game and fix all the bugs so that we can then enjoy the adventure to the fullest.

And if we are not being deceived again, then the release date of Outlast Part 2 will be – April 25, 2017. Let’s hope it doesn’t get carried over this time.

If you want to stay awake at night and jump at every sound, you should play the first part of Outlast, but if this is not enough for you and you are an experienced stalker, then wait for the second part to come out. Although the whole plot is based on the fact that you are just a journalist with a camera, it does not negate the fact that you will love her from the first moments of the game. Many are used to the fact that every game should have a weapon to fight off all the monsters, but here you have to run and hide all the time. And this makes Outlast even cooler, instead of fighting back, you have to hide and be afraid that you will not be found and killed. These moments help the player feel what the character really feels.Outlast 2

And the ending was not typical for a game, but typical for any horror movie in which the main character must die in the last seconds. Perhaps in Outlast 2 we will hear more about Miles as a ghost. Those who remember the ending also remember that Billy’s spirit at the end possessed our journalist and when they fired a clip from a machine gun at him, we hear how someone is killing everyone. Miles will probably be the main monster in this asylum. And what will happen in the second part is still a mystery for us, which we will solve only after the release date of the cool game Outlast 2.

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