Oppo organized support for owners of OnePlus 11 smartphones blocked in Russia

Although there have been recent reports of Chinese versions of the OnePlus 11 flagship smartphones being blocked in Russia and other regions, Oppo, the company behind the brand, seems to have decided to make up for the wave of negative posts related to these incidents. According to Yevgeny Makarov, editor-in-chief of the Mobiltelefon portal, the company provided support for affected customers.

  OnePlus 11 5G.  Image Source: OnePlus

OnePlus 11 5G. Image Source: OnePlus

As you know, recently the global version of OnePlus 11 was released, which is much more expensive in the US than in China and even more expensive in Europe. In Russia, this product is not officially distributed.

Soon, buyers of the CN variant began to receive complaints that smartphones began to block incoming and outgoing calls. According to some reports, a truly effective means of dealing with the problem has not yet been invented. Nevertheless, the wave of anti-advertising posts raised by users on the Web seems to have borne fruit.

According to Yevgeny Makarov, the Oppo Russia division stated that it is not responsible for OnePlus gadgets, since they are not officially sold on the Russian market. However, the head unit of OnePlus authorized the service company Telemix to help Russian users. “We recommend contacting this service center by phone number +7 (495) 118-93-26 (Moscow time) / +7 (812) 493-27-46 (St. Petersburg), email [email protected]— said Makarov with reference to the press service of Oppo.

Telemix confirmed that to unlock the new OnePlus, you should contact them, and unlocking will be free. Moreover, the smartphone can be sent by courier service, having additionally discussed the conditions for flashing by the specified phones. In addition, you can contact directly the service centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

It was recently reported that Realme (also owned by BBK, like Oppo), which began blocking Realme 10 Pro and Realme 10 Pro + variants in Russia, suggested contacting the brand’s Russian service support to resolve emerging problems.

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