Online gaming platform Roblox develops artificial intelligence that will create resources and complete code

Online gaming platform Roblox develops artificial intelligence that will create resources and complete code

Roblox is working on generative AI tools to help game developers. Tests of the first two tools will be rolled out in the coming weeks: to create «generative AI materials from a text prompt» and for «code completion». This was announced in his blog by the chief technologist of Roblox Daniel Sturman (Daniel Sturman).

Image Source: Roblox

Roblox has a lot to gain from the adoption of AI, as one of the key aspects of the company is a solid development platform, and generative AI tools can make game development much easier and more accessible to beginners. The more accessible Roblox tools are, the more people will be able to use the platform to create popular games — and all this gives more opportunities for the company to earn on Robux, the platform’s currency.

The video below gives you an idea of ​​how these tools will work. In one example, the color of the car is changed as described. The following demonstrates how code completion is used to turn on the headlights and make it rain in the game world.

According to Sturman, some Roblox developers are already using generative AI tools. “However, these off-the-shelf AI systems are not integrated with our platform, and they often produce incompatible code for Roblox, requiring significant integration efforts from the developer.”, he wrote on his blog. However, the company plans to create a way to connect third-party AI creation services to its own development tools, although the timing of these plans is not yet clear.

The company is already thinking about moderation, which is especially important given the popularity of Roblox among children. “In all cases, we need Roblox to be safe and civilized, Sturman says. — This means we need to create a fast and scalable moderation stream for all types of creativity.”

Roblox appears to be aware of the criticism of AI tools for taking people’s jobs, as Sturman admits that «we need an economic system that encourages» creation of AI. The company is clearly interested in this — it is unlikely that Roblox wants to destroy its own Talent Hub service for developers and game designers with the help of its own generative artificial intelligence tools. Support for generative AI in Roblox could be an important milestone for the technology, but how useful its tools will be can only be assessed once they’re launched.

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