Ones To Watch review in FIFA 23. Haaland will get a rating of 99, but it’s pointless to buy it

EA released a mini-release.

FIFA 23 introduces the Ones To Watch transfer team. Because of the World Cup in Qatar, there is only one, and the notable summer transfers of Casemiro to Man United, Rafinha and Kunda to Barcelona, ​​etc. did not get there. We tell you how the Pay Attention cards work and who should be signed to the club .

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How do Pay Attention Cards work in FIFA 23? Added additional bonuses for victories in the league and at the World Cup

Ones To Watch cards went to the stars who changed clubs this summer. The basic rules for upgrades have not changed: a player receives an upgrade after being named to the Team of the Week or earning an MOTM. The position will remain the same.

An additional boost will be given for club success if the player’s team wins three times in eight matches from September 30th. The card can get another upgrade thanks to the “Attention to countries” option, which is dedicated to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Ones To Watch will give a ranking point if his national team wins at least once in the tournament. A football player does not even need to get into the application – only a victory is needed.

The best Ones To Watch in FIFA 23. Holland is too expensive, and Jesus and Nunez will increase in price

There is only one Ones To Watch team released in FIFA 23, so there is little choice in the market to strengthen the squad or trade. The best players of the event are Arsenal’s Gabriel Jesus, Roma’s Paulo Dybala and Man United’s Antoni. These players are almost guaranteed to receive a +2 buff for club and national performance, plus they started the season brightly and can count on several hits in the team of the week in six months.

The most talked about card “Pay Attention” went to Erling Haaland. The Norwegian breaks records and will definitely get at least five improvements, but there is no point in buying his special card. Over time, expensive cards lose value, and Holland has only three stars in tricks and a weak leg, which will remain with his Ones To Watch until the end of the game. It’s easier to take information from the team of the week, who will be given the desired skills.

Renato Sanches has a slightly different story. He will receive a couple of additional upgrades, but plays so rarely for PSG that his rating will soon freeze, and fifers will get rid of the cheaper card. The resale is risky, and the 84th Sanches is unlikely to strengthen the spring squad.

Darwin Nunez (Liverpool), Steven Bergwijn (Ajax) and Nico Schlotterbeck (Borussia Dortmund) have the most profitable cards of the event. The Uruguayan started the season in England with a crumpled start, but is sure to give out two or three phenomenal weekends, so his 100k card seems very interesting. Bergwein and Schlotterback cost almost the minimum wage – about 10 thousand coins, but they will receive +2 to the rating. The Dutchman does look like a future Eredivisie star.

But the cards of Corentin Tolisso from Lyon and Tyler Adams from Leeds look unpromising. The Frenchman lacks speed, and Adams is unlikely to even get to the 80 rating. Big questions for Aurélien Tchouameni. The midfielder has made his way into the Real Madrid base and will receive two or three promotions, but with his speed, this is not enough. In addition, Tchuameni’s playing skills are significantly weakened by the lack of a long-term type of acceleration on a fast chemistry style. Too many problems for a card for 80 thousand coins.

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