Official Apple service centers in Russia refused to repair MacBooks purchased abroad under warranty

Official Apple service centers in Russia refused to repair MacBooks purchased abroad under warranty

Domestic Apple authorized service centers began to refuse warranty repairs for MacBook laptops purchased abroad, Izvestia reports. Apple’s technical support emphasizes that no relevant orders for service centers have been received from the company itself, and Rospotrebnadzor and lawyers consider such refusals illegal.

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According to the publication, some Apple Authorized Service Centers (ASCs) refuse warranty repairs for electronics purchased abroad, even if the owner has a receipt indicating that it was officially purchased outside of Russian retail. Apple electronics come to the latter through gray import channels and therefore the official warranty does not apply to it.

According to Izvestia, the Doctor Smart authorized service center announced that only models that were officially delivered to Russia were serviced, the Serso ASC claims that it will not be possible to repair a device that was not officially delivered to the country under warranty, but in » NB Service» stated that gadgets purchased abroad after March 2022 are not subject to service in Russia. The staff of the Re:Store service center adhered to the same position.

Meanwhile, Apple’s technical support reported that the company’s computers are covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, which can be checked by the serial number. After checking the validity of the warranty, the authorized center is obliged to repair the electronics. It is noteworthy that the press service of Invetive Retail Group, which owns the ASC Re:Store network, also confirmed the “repairability” of officially purchased devices.

According to a representative of the distributor diHouse, today there are ASC agreements with Apple valid until March, but only for devices that were not imported under parallel import schemes. In the latter case, the seller will be responsible for the repair.

Rospotrebnadzor referred to the “Consumer Protection Law”, according to which the owner of the device has the right to demand repairs in any authorized organization or by an authorized individual entrepreneur, and it is recommended that the appeal be made in writing.

According to legal experts, if an authorized service center does not accept a device for repair and / or service, a written refusal should be obtained, although it is highly likely that they may not be given. Lawyers recommend contacting the ASC using SMS messages, instant messengers, sending emails or regular letters — then claims can be made even if the goods were bought abroad. If legal requirements are not met, you should contact Rospotrebnadzor or even go to court.

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