Notebook shipments continue to slide in January as inventory levels are too high

Notebook shipments continue to slide in January as inventory levels are too high

The combined shipments of the world’s five largest laptop manufacturers, excluding Apple, were down 29% in January 2023 from the previous month and nearly halved from January last year, DigiTimes Research calculated.

The decline is mainly due to two factors: the accumulated stocks of laptops are being liquidated very slowly, and the market is now in a transitional period — brands will start launching their new products in the near future, and orders for existing models are already declining.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) became the largest laptop brand in terms of sales in January: the company analyzes stocks of products and adjusts production more efficiently than its competitors. The second was Dell — it showed an increase in shipments in monthly terms due to an increase in orders for corporate models. Third-placed Lenovo’s shipments in January fell sharply from the previous month as the Chinese brand allowed a large amount of inventory to build up in key markets.

Compared to December, shipments from the world’s top three ODMs fell 24% in January. Compal showed the best results in this standings: orders from Taiwanese brands remained at the same level, but its largest client Dell increased the number of orders.

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