New King Kong movie

New King Kong movie

There is good news for all fans of the great apes, the exact release date of Kong: Skull Island is already known. Hollywood once again decided to please the fans of King Kong with a new film. In which there are more special effects and a lot more of the monkey itself, but this does not change the essence of the plot.

The exact release date of Kong: Skull Island will be – March 9, 2017. The wait is not long at all.

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Everyone who watched the previous films about the mysterious island of the skull, then probably knows the whole plot of this film. But if anyone forgot, I’ll remind you. In the 70s, scientists go on an expedition to the island of the skull, which is associated with many legends about unknown creatures. It is clear that they do not go there alone, but they are accompanied by a military escort. During the study, scientists find many giant bones, and eventually get acquainted with the owner of this island, who is not very happy with them.

Kong: Skull Island

As usual, a fight breaks out, many people die, and helicopters explode, in American action films you can’t do without it. In past versions the mighty Kong was caught and taken to New York, where he climbed a tall building and fought off planes. But according to some sources, this will not happen in this film. However, you can see for yourself after the release date.



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