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New Event by Roblox & English Football Club, Manchester City

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New Event by Roblox & English Football Club, Manchester City

A new partnership between Manchester City Football Club and Roblox has been announced! Football-themed items are expected, including Manchester City F.C. Scarf.

Roblox is certainly ramping up their partnerships with a variety of different brands in recent months. SpotifyHello KittySonic the Hedgehog, and many more have launched onto the platform to varying success. It now appears that Man City, the English football club, will be joining these other well-known brands by doing something soon with Roblox.

The announcement before the announcement was made on May 24th, 2022. The official Manchester City Twitter account released a tweet that states that Man City will be on Roblox.

Unique items and special experiences will be launched for the team. we already know about at least one item of the event, and that is a Manchester City fan’s scarf. It also looks like other teams will be doing something similar.

It seems that fans of Roblox and Man City will not have to wait long, as further details should be on the way. While the leak hints at new experiences and items, it’s possible that there will be other fun things for the players as well.
We’ll just have to wait and see what the English football club has planned!

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