My pirate wedding – the plot and release date of the film

My pirate wedding – the plot and release date of the film

Every bride’s fear is a ruined wedding celebration she’s been preparing for months. Recently, the bosses appointed the premiere of the movie “My Pirate Wedding”, the plot of which will just spin around the failed ceremony. We talk about the storyline, the actors and the designated day of the show.

We will not torment you, first we will name the release date of the film “My Pirate Wedding”, which is already scheduled for January 27, 2022and let’s get down to talking about the plot! Or you can watch the trailer

Every bride’s fear

My Pirate Wedding is a multi-genre project that combines elements of an action movie, comedy, crime film and melodrama. It all starts, oddly enough, with the wedding – Darcy and Tom thought through the details for a long time to satisfy the needs of their peculiar families. And now, when the ceremony has already begun, armed criminals break out on it.

They do not just disrupt the celebration, but take guests hostage. The bride and groom manage to escape, but it looks like they won’t go on their honeymoon – they need to rescue their loved ones from the clutches of the bandits. They plan their mission and go to work. And whether they will be able to save their relatives and not get caught themselves, we will find out in the film “My Pirate Wedding”, the release date of which will take place on January 27, 2023.

My pirate wedding is in January on Prime Video

The bosses recently released the first official trailer for the tape. Thanks to a two-minute video, we learned that a couple of main characters, like their wedding guests, the characters are entertaining and original, so it definitely won’t be boring. But the main thing that became clear after watching the trailer is that the bosses have assembled a cool cast that will definitely make the release date a hit in January.

Actors and production

Now that the release date for Shotgun Wedding has been set, you can safely get to know the performers and humbly wait for the premiere. The main cast of the picture is really stellar. The role of the bride was given to Jennifer Lopez – she needs no introduction. Her on-screen fiancé will be Josh Duhamel – he played title roles in the projects “Safe Haven”, “Legacy of Jupiter”, “Lost Husband”.

When will My Pirate Wedding in Russia be released?

The secondary cast of the wedding is also recognizable – one of the characters will be played by Jennifer Coolidge, known for her role as Stifler’s mom in the American Pie comedy series. Also among the performers are Lenny Kravitz, Sonia Braga, Steve Coulter. All of them will come to Darcy and Tom’s wedding.without even assuming that they will become prisoners.

The director was Jason Moore, who previously held a similar position in the Pitch Perfect project. The screenplay was written by Elizabeth Meriwether and Mark Hammer. Producers included J. Lo, as well as Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas and Ryan Reynolds.

The creators and actors tried to make the show interesting. And how the pirate wedding will end, we will find out after the release date of the new film from Amazon Prime. In Iceland, by the way, the show will take place 3 weeks later – all of a sudden, you really needed this information.

Movie trailer


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