MSI Notebook Shipments to Russia Soared 511% in the Last Quarter – The Company Became the Market Leader

Although the supply of laptops to Russia in 2022 decreased by about 30% year-on-year, imports of certain brands, on the contrary, increased markedly. According to Kommersant, citing GS Group data, a significant number of Huawei and Lenovo laptops were imported into the country at the end of last year, while imports of MSI products grew sixfold in the fourth quarter. At the same time, the demand for laptops as a whole remained at a rather low level.

  Image Source: Pritimohan Shit/

Image Source: Pritimohan Shit/

According to GS Group, 3.38 million laptops were imported into Russia last year, which is 29.6% less than in 2021. The record holder was the Taiwanese MSI, which accounted for 16% of the market per year in pieces (556 thousand copies). Huawei came in second with 13% and 428K units, while Lenovo came in at 12% and 415K. HP, which had the largest market share of 23% (1.1 million laptops) in 2021, only came in fourth place in 2022 from 11% (377 thousand).

Shipments of MSI laptops began to grow in the third quarter of 2022, and in the fourth they soared to 326 thousand. For comparison, in recent years they were 7-53 thousand per quarter. According to available data, year-on-year deliveries increased by 511% in the fourth quarter. If in the first 11 months MSI accounted for 11% of the market, then at the end of the year the share increased to 16%. MSI sells laptops for a wide range of applications, from high performance models for gaming and content creation to office options. According to Kommersant, the vendor has not only not announced its withdrawal from Russia, but is also investing in product promotion by ordering promotional materials in popular publications.

In the fourth quarter, shipments of ASUS notebooks also increased. If in the second and third quarters of 2022, deliveries fell to 1 thousand and 9 thousand laptops, respectively, then in the last quarter of the year they soared to 159 thousand pieces, although in March the vendor reported that shipments to Russia “actually stopped.”

According to M.Video-Eldorado statistics, Chinese laptop brands accounted for more than 30% of retail sales in 2022, and in the third and fourth quarters, the share increased to 40-50%. Both the brands that were previously present here and the newly entered ones actively showed themselves on the market. According to the experts of F+ tech-Marvel Group, MSI’s success is due to brand recognition with the availability of its laptops, as well as the fact that in modern conditions it is convenient for suppliers to work with a company that is ready to remain on the Russian market.

Earlier it was reported that more than a million unsold laptops had accumulated in Russian warehouses, including those manufactured by MSI. Decline in demand and rush purchases of electronics by distributors and retailers in the past year are cited as important reasons.

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