Movie Thor 3 part Ragnarok

Movie Thor 3 part Ragnarok

Most fans of Marvel and Norse mythology are probably waiting for the release date of Thor 3: Ragnarok. Who does not know, the ancient Scandinavians so called the end of the world. Based on this, we have to see how the mighty Thor will once again save our land.

We will see this event when the release date of Thor 3 takes place, and it will be – November 2, 2017. This date also applies not only to Russia, but also to Ukraine.

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According to legend, the big wolf Tengger will swallow our sun, and the big serpent Jörmungandr will emerge from the depths and the seas will overflow their banks. There is much more to be said about that terrible day. But now we are not talking about a Scandinavian-style apocalypse, but about the third film and the well-known Thor blue Odin of the king of Asgard. Based on the legends about these gods, or aliens, we can conclude that Thor finds out about the next intrigues of Loki and will try to stop him.. Loki, in turn, wants to take over the world and be the ruler. But knowing his brother, who has a magic hammer, he won’t let him do it.

Thor: Ragnarok

Hope, they will manage to surprise comic book fans something new, because those who read comics probably know or assume what the third part will be about. I can say for sure that you will find a lot of cool special effects and a great game of your favorite actors. However, you yourself will appreciate everything after the release date. Also, there should be a Hulk in this movie, and who doesn’t love the Hulk?


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