Movie Power Rangers

Movie Power Rangers

Movie Power Rangers

All teenagers of the 90s should remember these heroes and know the release date of the Power Rangers, which will soon appear on our screens. Yes, these are the same rangers who have repeatedly saved our earth from evil aliens.

The exact release date of the movie Power Rangers is already known — March 23, 2017. On this day, many will be able to remember their childhood and youth when they watched this series.

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Studio LIONSGATE decided to revive this story by making a full movie with excellent special effects. Who does not know this is a story about ordinary teenagers who accidentally got super power. Surprised by this event, they do not know what to do, and our heroes begin to have fun in every possible way, testing their new abilities. And not even suspecting what lies ahead. According to the script of the film, their main villain will be a powerful witch who settled on the moon. She is building an army of cyborgs to take over our Earth. All hope for five teenagerswho have their own teenage problems. How these guys in multi-colored suits will overcome difficulties, we will find out after the release date.

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