Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List (June 2022)

Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List (June 2022)

Mobile Legends Adventure is one of the MOBA series games organized genre multi-players in a battlefield setup. It is a Chinese game released in 2016, published and developed by —- of ByteDance and Moonton. This game got its first public appearance in 2019 in South-East Asia in the Philippines; the game was also chosen by Esports competition of South-East Asian Games in 2019.

The concept of this Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List is to provide the user a glance at every character and their powers. Here we level up the characters by their presence in the game.

Mobile Legends Adventure is generally designed for mobile users that have the battle arena format for online players. The background of the game allows players to play in a team and able to defeat the opponents. The attack controls the action of different lanes of the bottom, middle, and top that tackle the whole game. Players should collect the best characters for their team to defeat the competitors.


Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List Breakdown

SS Tier

SS Tier

It is the most potent tier list where you will see the best characters of the game. These characters have conquered the best in all the fields – healers, defenders, or attackers. You can pick any of the characters from this Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List.

Character NameGenderSpeciesDamage TypeEquipment TypeSpecialtyHero TypeClass
ValirMaleHumanMagicNACC / DamageElementalMage
LolitaFemaleElfNAHeavyShield / CCTechTank
AngelaFemaleAndroidNALightBuff / HealTechSupport
X. BorgMaleCyborgNALightBurst / AoE DamageTechFighter
IrithelFemaleElfNALightBonus / DamageMartialMarksman
WanwanFemaleHumanNAMediumDebuff / BurstMartialMarksman
NanaFemaleNANALightHeal / ResurrectMartialSupport
OdetteFemaleHumanNALightAoE DamageLightMage
GuinevereFemaleNANALightDebuff / DamageLightMage
ArgusMaleFallen AngelNAHeavyDamage / InvincibilityDarkTank
SelenaFemaleNANALightControl / BurstDarkMage
LyliaFemaleNANAMediumAoE Damage / ControlDarkMage
LunoxFemaleNANALightDamage / ReviveOrderSupport
AkashicNANANALightHeal / BuffOrderSupport
SharFemaleNANAMediumAoE Damage / ControlChaosSupport
AnnaFemaleNANALightDebuff / DamageChaosMage
MartisMaleNANAMediumDurable / BurstChaosTank

S Tier

The character from the S tier performs only one step down to the SS tier characters. But they lack a few things due to which they are not classified into SS tier, so you can rely on them only if you do not have a SS tier unit.

Character NameGenderSpeciesDamage TypeEquipment TypeSpecialtyHero TypeClass
AuroraFemaleNANALightBurst / ControlElementalMage
LesleyFemaleHumanNAMediumBurst / ReapTechMarksman
NatanMaleNANAMediumControl / DamageTechMarksman
AkaiNANANAHeavyCC / ShieldMartialTank
MashaFemaleNANAHeavyBuff / DurableMartialTank
ClintNANANALightBuff / BurstMartialMarksman
HanabiFemaleNANAMediumControl / DebuffMartialMarksman
HayabusaMaleNANAMediumDurable / BurstMartialFighter
FannyFemaleNANAMediumDurable / DamageLightFighter
UranusNANANAHeavyDurable / HealLightTank
KimmyFemaleNALightNADebuff / DamageLightMarksman
VexanaFemaleNANALightDebuff / DamageDarkMage
Yu ZhongNANANAHeavyExecution / SurvivalChaosFighter
ZhaskNANANAMediumControl / DamageChaosMage
Shah TorreNANANALightBonus / DamageChaosMage

A Tier

The units from the A tier are categorized in the mediocre category, and a few of them will perform outstandingly in the game.

Character NameGenderSpeciesDamage TypeEquipment TypeSpecialtyHero TypeClass
HylosMaleCentaurNAHeavyBuff / DurableElementalTank
GordMaleMystic HumanNALightBuff / AoE DamageElementalMage
AtlasNANANAHeavyShield / ControlTechTank
ClaudeNANANALightControl / BurstTechMarksman
AlphaNANANAHeavyDamage / ControlTechFighter
ZilongMaleHumanNAHeavyDamage / ControlMartialFighter
ChangeNANANALightAoE DamageLightMage
GatotkacaMaleDemigodNAHeavyCharge / Crowd ControlLightTank
GusionNANANAMediumDamage / DurableLightFighter
MinsittharNANAPhysicalMediumControl / BuffLightFighter
KarinaFemaleNANALightBurst / BeheadDarkFighter
AliceFemaleNAMagicNADamage / LifestealDarkMage
KarihmetFemaleNANAMediumAoE Damage / BurstOrderMarksman
GavanaFemaleNANAMediumDamage / BuffOrderFighter

B Tier

All the units under this category are average performers. But, if you are facing a defeat against your opponent from this tier character, then you can try to upgrade to perform better in Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List.

Character NameGenderSpeciesDamage TypeEquipment TypeSpecialtyHero TypeClass
BadangMaleHumanNAHeavyShield / DamageElementalFighter
GrockMaleStone TitanNAHeavyHeal / ControlElementalTank
KaditaNANANAMediumAoE DamageElementalMage
DiggieNANANALightShield / BuffTechSupport
LancelotNANANAMediumBehead / ChargeMartialFighter
Yi Sun-ShinMaleHumanNAMediumBonus / DamageMartialMarksman
FreyaNANANAHeavyDamage / DurableLightTank
ThamuzNANANAHeavyControl / DurableDarkTank

C Tier

It is a below-average category of the characters which lack heal, defend, and attack. So be cautious while choosing them to make a team.

Character NameGenderSpeciesDamage TypeEquipment TypeSpecialtyHero TypeClass
Lapu-LapuNANANALightBonus / DamageMartialFighter
HelcurtNANANAMediumCharge / ControlDarkFighter
MoskovNANANAMediumDebuff / DamageDarkMarksman

D Tier

All the underdogs of Mobile Legends Adventure are grouped under the D tier. These characters are not worth it, and if you are considering them in your team and high-tier units, you need to carry them along without any benefit.

Character NameGenderSpeciesDamage TypeEquipment TypeSpecialtyHero TypeClass
EudoraFemaleElfNALightAoE DamageElementalMage
MiyaFemaleElfNAMediumDamage / ControlElementalMarksman
CyclopsMaleGiantNALightControl / BurstElementalMage
LaylaFemaleHumanPhysicalNAAoE DamageTechMarksman
Jawhead / EllieRobot / FemaleRobot / HumanNAHeavyDamage / ControlTechFighter
BrunoMaleNANALightBonus / DamageTechMarksman
FrancoMaleHumanNAHeavyDurable / ControlMartialTank
HildaFemaleHumanNAHeavyBurst / DurableMartialFighter
KajaMaleNazarNAMediumDamage / ControlLightSupport
AldousMaleHumanNAMediumCharge / ControlDarkFighter
BaneMaleAnthropomorphic SquidNAHeavyDamage / DurableDarkFighter

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