Metro Exodus System Requirements and Release Date

Metro Exodus System Requirements and Release Date

Thanks to the impressive trailer of the Metro game, many gamers became interested in the future of the shooter. Of course, most of all the public would like to know the release date of the game “Metro Exodus”, as well as to find out what system requirements the creators have. The development, by the way, is carried out by the well-known Ukrainian company 4A Games, which gave the world many exciting shooters. The games of the Metro series have long conquered the public, so they do not require additional advertising, but everyone wants to know the new details.

And most recently, the developers were able to decide on the day when the exact release date of Metro Exodus will take place, and appointed the premiere for February 15, 2019.

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This time we have to go to the future, where 2036 has unfolded with might and main. The protagonist of the game “Metro” was able to survive not the most pleasant events of the past (not without the support of the “blacks”, by the way), but his life cannot be called cloudless. It is not sweet for his family either, because the dark forces forced the couple to change their place of residence and leave their beloved home. Now Artyom leads a team of rangers and is preparing to find a new homewhere humanity can exist without fear and constant tension. But not everyone will be able to endure the dangerous journey, because the world of Metro is ruthless and unfair. Who will have to be sacrificed in the name of the future, you will find out for yourself closer to the release date of part 3 in the Metro series.

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Depending on the sequence of the player’s actions, the further fate of the heroes will be determined, as the creators say. On top of everything else, Metro Exodus is a first-person game that gamers have been very fond of lately. As for system requirements, everything is extremely simple. and without much frills. Owners of a PC with a Windows version of at least 7 will be able to embark on an exciting journey. To install the 3rd part of the Metro game, you will need 60 GB of memory, which no longer surprises anyone – modern graphics and a capacious plot require sacrifice.

As mentioned above, the first trailer for the upcoming premiere was recently published on the network, which intrigued everyone who watched it. Enthusiastic players are actively discussing the characteristics of the game and are waiting for the release date of the popular shooter “Metro Exodus” and Artem to go towards unpredictable changes.

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