Masha from the Voronins is six months pregnant! Showed a photo of the tummy and the father of the unborn child

Feel old.

Masha from the emotional family comedy “Voronins” will soon become a mother. Actress Maria Ilyukhina hid her position for a long time, but her tummy is already giving itself away.

The girl turned 19 a couple of days ago. And how beautiful she is in these photos!

The father of Maria’s unborn child is known – this is a 19-year-old student Alexey Sharov. He is currently studying for a degree in public administration. Many media outlets, citing the couple’s entourage, note that Masha and Alexei have known each other for two years, and they were planning a child.

Here is what Masha managed to tell about the pregnancy to StarHit:

“Of course, I had to wait a couple of film roles, since I was already in a position, albeit for a short time. In order not to let the film crews down, we had to turn down the requests.”

“Despite the fact that I will now take a short break in my career, pregnancy motivates me for further growth and creative plans. My film career will continue. Pregnancy and upcoming motherhood is the happiest period in my young life.

The Voronins themselves have already congratulated Masha:

Vera Voronina (Ekaterina Volkova): “You present such news to us here – such a surprise, pleasantness. Here we will become grandparents, thank you very much. Health to you, baby. Lightness, good mood, warmth.

Kostya Voronin (Georgy Dronov): “Anna Vasilievna was so happy that she would become a great-grandmother.”


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