Major will go to Sochi after the release date of the film

Major will go to Sochi after the release date of the film

Only recently ended the long-awaited 4th season of Sokolovsky’s story, and the public has already begun to wonder what’s next. And then – a full meter. We tell you what we hear about the premiere of part 2 of the feature film about Major in Sochi, when to expect the start of the show and what events will form the basis of the upcoming project.

Initially, the release date of the 2nd part of the film “Major” about adventures in Sochi was scheduled at the end of 2022and the deadlines, surprisingly, have not moved – we will be able to see the picture already December 22, 2022!

Resort adventure

Let’s briefly go over the events of recent years, so that later it would be easier to get involved in the news. In the fall of 2018, the 3rd season of the popular TV series Major was released. The tape ended with a bloody scene, clearly hinting at a sequel. However, his fans had to wait a long time. In 2021, the full-length “Major” was released, which, according to the public, was supposed to reveal the events of the third chapter, but this did not happen. Neither Priluchny nor his colleagues saved the situation – the project almost failed.

In 2022, the public was presented with the 4th serial season of Major, which became a direct continuation of the previous one. Here Sokolovsky met his daughter, and also became the object of evil games that almost broke his life. On the one hand, the ending turned out to be understandable, but on the other hand, many people wanted to see Igor again. The other day it became known that the prayers of the fans were heard – very soon Major will go to Sochibecause the release date of part 2 of the film is scheduled for the end of 2022 – the beginning of 2023.

Major will soon go to Sochi

This time the bosses have corrected themselves – they did not make any branches and alternative versions. “Major 2” will be a direct continuation of the recently completed fourth part of the detective drama. As the name implies, events will unfold in the resort townwhere Sonya, Igor and Ivan arrived. Here they have to face lawlessness, find friends and, of course, fulfill their main mission – to save people. All this will happen when the release date of the film Major 2: in Sochi takes place.


I must say that little is known about the production of the full-length “Major” – at the stage of filming, the bosses did not talk about the process and didn’t share details. It is only known that the premiere took place shortly before the official release at the online cinema festival.

when will part 2 of the movie come out

Those who got acquainted with the show note – everyone can watch the tape: it is connected with past adventuresbut does not depend on them. The novelty will appeal to both Major fans and those who have heard about it just now. Before this release date, the director changed – Nikita Vlasov took his chair. The script was written by Oleg Malovichko. The title roles are played by Pavel Maykov, Pavel Chinarev, Boris Dergachev and, of course, Pasha Priluchny.

Well, what exactly Major forgot in Sochi, we will find out after the release date of the new film. Then we will understand whether this idea was successful or the second attempt will be taken into account by the first. But this, of course, depends on your ratings and reviews.



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