Major Grom – plot, release date and difficult childhood

Major Grom – plot, release date and difficult childhood

Did you miss Russian novelties? Probably not – lately they have been released very often, but this does not cancel the premiere of Major Grom: A Difficult Childhood, which the bosses have planned for the near future. We tell the details of the plot and hint on what day it will be possible to watch the novelty.

Let’s not languish in expectations, because the release date of the film about Igor Grom’s difficult childhood will take place January 1, 2023do not miss!

Alternative Petersburg

Russian film bosses have decided to bet on sci-fi again, a risky departure, given that such projects usually fail. Events are developing in an alternative city, very similar to St. Petersburg (this is it). Fast forward to the past – the 90s, Igor, known from the story of the plague doctor, is only 10 years old. Even in the alternate world, the nineties proved to be a time of danger and adventures, in which the main character got.

Meanwhile, his father, who works for the police, is assigned as an investigator for a new case. A certain “Anubis”, according to eyewitnesses, owns magic and has a lot of minions. Gromov has to find and stop the villainbut it soon becomes an obsession. We will find out more details in the new part of the film Major Grom called “Difficult Childhood”, the release date of which is already scheduled for January 1, 2023.

Major Grom talks about his difficult childhood

Recall that initially “Major Grom” is a comic book series from the Bubble Comics publishing house, which was released from 2012 to 2017. The first film adaptation was released in 2017 under the direction of director Vladimir Besedin. The release date of the second film was held in 2021, and already in 2023 we will see the long-awaited sequel.

Announced a new product in December 2021. At the same time, the bosses announced that it would be a spin-off of The Plague Doctor and would allow you to look at the first film from a different angle. Well, is it so, the release date of the film about the difficult childhood of Major Grom will show at the beginning of the coming year.

Premiere of

Cast members

The organizers presented the main cast only in the summer of 2022. Then it became known that the title role was played by Kai Getz, a young actor known for his roles in the films The Oligarch’s Wife and Tell Her. Sergey Marin became his serial dad. It is curious that Marin auditioned for the role of Igor Grom in the last chapter of the picture, but the casting group seemed too old. But he was perfect for the role of Grom Sr. Later other names appeared. So, among the performers were Daniil Vorobyov, Irina Rozanova, Stas Baretsky and a dozen other actors, including little-known ones.

Whether the performers will be able to convey the atmosphere of the first film and the original story, we will find out later. And at the same time, let’s get into the story of the thunderstorm of St. Petersburg criminals, because after the release date, Major Grom will tell about his difficult childhood. You now know the day of the premiere, and then, after watching, don’t forget to share your experience with us.



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