Luther found out the release date of the solo film

Luther found out the release date of the solo film

The movie bosses have come a long way before we get a chance to discuss the details of the show. Fortunately, the premiere of the film “Luther” has already been scheduled, which means there will still be a discussion. What to expect from the long-awaited sequel, who will play the title roles and on what day the creators have planned the show – we tell.

No one was waiting for the continuation of the British detective, but Netflix was able to surprise everyone and has already set the release date for the picture “Luther” on March 10, 2023do not miss!

Farewell, gray London!

John Luther is a senior detective who investigates serious crimes. He is so devoted to his work that sometimes he breaks down into cruelty. To catch bandits he uses the most sophisticated methods and, it must be admitted, they give results.

This was the plot of the series “Luther”, which was released from 2010 to 2019. The story ended as many thought, but the bosses have a different opinion – they decided to continue the story, but already in full meter format. But here it must be said that the creators of the picture went to the film given. Back in 2013, there were rumors that a full-length version of Luther was planned to be released in the near future, but the matter did not move, or the public was simply not told anything. Everything changed in 2020 when Idris Elba, the performer of the titular role, revealed – the film is actually being worked on..

Luther will return to the screens in the form of a full meter

And recently, the bosses announced: we will see the beloved detective again in the film “Luther”, the release date of which should be expected in the spring of 2023 on Netflix. The official announcement of the film took place in September 2021. Then the streaming service said that the work is being actively carried out and in the foreseeable future the public will be able to appreciate the efforts. Then it seemed that the film was about to be released on the screens, but alas, only at the end of November 2022, the organizers announced the release date, and tentative – so far without a specific day. The news was provided with the first shots, but the announcement was not shared. The only thing we have been able to find out is that the events of “Luther” will not develop in the usual London. The team did not reveal the new location.

When will Luther in Russia be released?

Process participants

When the release date of the film “Luther” was announced, the names of the performers appeared. The main thing we learned is the key the hero will continue to be played by Idris Elba and this is completely expected. Other performers include Andy Serkis and Cynthia Erivo. Neil Cross remained the screenwriter of “Luther” – he wrote the script for the original series. Directed by Jamie Payne – he previously held a similar position in the project “The Hour”.

Other details, including the names of secondary actors and plot details, we learn, it seems, after the premiere. In the meantime, we are waiting for Luther to find out the exact release date of the new film. And to make waiting easier, you can review the original and enjoy a good British detectiveunfolding on the gray streets of London.



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