Lost Ark Lost 2/3 of its active players… in one day

You might think that this is due to some major server failure that prevented people from accessing their favorite game.

Not exactly.

Such a sudden and sudden drop is a consequence of one of the biggest banhammers that hit The Lost Ark yesterday morning. Effect?

Over the past month, Lost Ark recorded 300-320 thousand simultaneously logged people per day. However, yesterday-after the aforementioned banhammer-the number of active players shrank to 100,000. This is a decrease of 2/3 from what we have seen before.…

Unfortunately, it also shows the” dirty ” side of Lost Ark, where most of the players on the servers – as it turned out – were scammers. That is, bots and people who practice gold-selling or RMT.

Banhammer was needed, but will it help Lost Ark in the long run? I doubt it. After every previous wave of bans, we have witnessed a slow but resurgent fraudsters.

Lost Ark is an F2P game, so you just need to create a new account, underexpose the character and further you can do this ” spoil” the game. The restrictions imposed by Amazon Games (e.g. a trusted Steam account profile) make it difficult for bots to function, but not to the extent of eradicating this criminal procedure.

For now, enjoy a clean and honest Lost Ark.


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