List of all Orbs in Roblox All Star Tower Defense

Orbs In Roblox All Star Tower Defense are equippable items that can be attached to any slot in your team and provide extra assets like a lower deployment cost or increased damage.

Orbs were added in game in Update 14. You can obtain them in many different ways, most of them are bought through the Orb Shop with Gems or Materials, the rest are from beating Trials, Raids and Challenges in specific difficulties. You can access and equip Orbs through the Orbs icon, which can be found next to this.

You can only equip one orb per unit slot, and can only have one of any given orb.

Note: The Bomba Orb, Cost Orb, Fire Rage Orb, and Blue Eye Orb can be equipped by any unit. Unit specific orbs can be equipped by all units but the buff is only applied to the unit stated on the orb if it is on the correct unit.

There are currently 33 orbs in the game.

33 Orbs in Roblox All Star Tower


Beast – M Scaling Orb
Mikato (Beast Cloak)Initial Damage – 200%
Upgrade Damage – 250%
Beating Raid 1 on Extreme Mode(Level 50+ minimum)

Blueeye Orb
All UnitsIncreases Range of Attack by 30%x1500 Fluorite, x1075 Icy,& x1850 ColorMineral

Blooming Orb
ZyayaInitial Damage – 800%
Upgrade Damage – 2000%
x3000 GodFlowers, x3000 Fluorite,& x3000 ColorMineral
2700 Gems

Bomba Orb
All UnitsDamage scales up to 30%Beating Trial 2 on Extreme Mode(Level 35+ minimum)

Cost Orb
All UnitsDeployment cost reduces by $100Beating Trial 3 on Extreme Mode(Level 45+ minimum)

Crywolf Orb
Tony Stark (Coyote Starrk)Damage scales up to 1700%x2800 Icy, x2750 Fluorite,& x2750 ElectricMineral
2100 Gems

Dark Spiritual Orb
Ikki (Dark)Initial Damage – 200%
Upgrade Damage – 15%
Slow Effect &
Hit Air targets in Final Upgrade
Beating Challenge 3 in Normal Mode(Level 10+ minimum)

Death Orb
Kura,Kura(Darkness) or The DeathDamage scales up to 500%x5555 GodTears x6666 Chains,& x5555 GoldParticles
6666 Gems

Demonic Orb
Demon Spirit Detective (Demon Form)Initial Damage – 100%
Upgrade Damage – 225%
x3250 Chain, x2750 DualTooth,& x2500 GodTear
2000 Gems

Demon M Orb
Super Boo (Super Buu)Initial Damage – 600%
Upgrade Damage – 1000%
x1400 Leafs, x1250 Chains,& x1250 Unknown DNA
1450 Gems

Fire Rage Orb
All UnitsDamage scales up to 100% (Kings of Heroes Gilgamesh by 20%)Completing the Demon Slayer Challenge 1 (Level 75+ minimum)

Lightning Breath Orb
Renitsu (Zenitsu)Initial Damage – 900%
Upgrade Damage – 2500%
x2000 StarDust, x2000 ElectricMineral,& x2050 Gold
1600 Gems

Limitation Orb
Gen (Grown) Initial Damage – 700%
Upgrade Damage – 1600%
x3400 Icy, x2800 Veggies, x3100 MonsterEgg,& x3000 GoldParticle
2500 Gems

God Earing Right Orb
Vegu,Vegu (Mind), & Vampire VeguPotara Fusionx5000 Silver, x5000 GodTear, & x4500 MonsterEgg
3750 Gems

God Earing Left Orb
Koku, Super Koku, Ultra Koku,& Super God KokuPotara Fusionx5000 GodFlowers, x5000 Silver, & x4500 DualTooth
3750 Gems

God Heart Orb
Buddha Chairman (Netero)Initial Damage – 800%
Upgrade Damage – 900%
x3000 GodFlowers, x3000 GodTear, & x3000 GoldParticle
3000 Gems

Golden F Scaling Orb
Golden Supreme Leader (Golden Frieza)Initial Damage – 200%
Upgrade Damage – 650%
Beating Trial 1 on Extreme Mode(Level 25+ minimum)

Gravity Orb
Blinding Lights (Fujitora)Initial Damage – 2000%
Upgrade Damage – 2500%
x3888 GodFlowers, x2850 DualTooth,& x2900 Calcite
2150 Gems

Green Natural Orb
Legendary Borul (Broly)Damage scales up to 2350%x3400 GodFlowers, x3000 Fluorite, x2800 DualTooth,& x3000 GodTears
2700 Gems

Mera Orb
Spade (Ace)Initial Damage – 600%
Upgrade Damage – 1000%
x750 Gold, x300 Leafs, x300 Veggies,& x750 Corundum
1350 Gems

Moon Orb
Koku (Alternative) Moon Transformationx9000 DragonBones, x9000 Calcite,& x13250 Chain,& x13000 MineralColor
9000 Gems

Operator Orb
Dr. Heart (Trafalgar Law)Can teleport 8 enemiesx3000 GodFlowers, x3000 Fluorite,& x3000 ColorMineral
2000 Gems

Path Orb
The Path (Nagato Uzumaki)Initial Damage – 150%
Upgrade Damage – 900%
x850 Unknown DNA, x1000 GodTears,& x800 Veggies

PinkStar Orb
Star Boy (Requiem)Damage scales up to 200%x3250 Unknown DNA, x3111 Silver, x2750 ElectricMineral,& x2500 GodFlowers
2650 Gems

Quake Orb
Whitestache (Final)Initial Damage – 190%
Upgrade Damage – 1500%
x805 GodFlowers, x800 GodTears,& x850Unknown DNA

Rainbow Magic Orb
Kovegu (Gogeta)Damage scales up to 2000%x1750 GodFlowers, x200 Veggies, x1115 DualTooth,& x2000 ColorMineral
1500 Gems

Rose Orb
Koku Black Pink (Goku Black SSR)Initial Damage – 500%
Upgrade Damage – 2000%
x3500 Leafs, x2950 StarDust, x3200 Corundum,& x3000 Gold
3000 Gems

Snake Orb
Ruffy (Snake SSS)Initial Damage – 500%
Upgrade Damage – 1500%
x1350 Leafs, x1350 DualTooth,& x1350 Unknown DNA
1750 Gems

Snow Orb
Ice Queen(B) or Ice Queen(D)Initial Damage – 200%
Upgrade Damage – 1000%
x875 Veggies, x800 Icy,& x875 Leafs

Supa Future Orb
Supa Future T (Future Trunks SSJ)Damage scales up to 350%x1337 Gold, x1000 Icy,& x1250 ColorMineral
1500 Gems

The Hawk Orb
Zorro (Dracule Mihawk)Damage scales up to 1300%x805 Dragon Bones, x805 DualTooth,& x675 ColorMineral

Titanic Orb
Amen (Armin Arlert)Initial Damage – 500%
Upgrade Damage – 1000%
x3250 Unknown DNA, x3100 Corundum,& x3000 Calcite
2500 Gems

Venomous Orb
Venom (Magellan)Damage scales up to 500%x1250 Leaf, x1250 Silver,& x1250 MonsterEgg
1500 Gems

Orbs FAQ

  • The Fire Rage Orb and Bomba Orb can be used on Onwin to increase his damage buffing percentage. The limit of 200% is still in place, however having any of the orbs equipped just allows you to reach the 200% quicker.
  • The Fire Rage Orb or any other damage-boosting orb doesn’t work with money-focused units like Bellma (Money Corp), Salesman or Sword (Maid).
  • The Potara Earrings were the first orbs to have their gem price increased from 3000 to 3750. The Death Orb followed suit in the 9/25/21 update due to their new use on 6 Star Yagami. The material cost was also raised.
  • On November 14th 2021, Rose Orb was able to work on Ultra Koku Black, but was removed shortly after due to how broken it was.
  • The Operator Orb, Blueeye Orb, God Earring Left Orb, God Earring Right Orb and the Cost Orb are the only orbs that doesn’t affect the units damage whatsoever.


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