Kirby And The Forgotten Land Codes (June 2022)

We present a complete list of all new and working codes for Kirby And The Forgotten Land, which are needed to get free Star Coins, Rare Stones and other useful rewards!

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a three-dimensional action platformer, which is a series launched in 1992. The production was developed by the Hal Laboratory studio, and Nintendo took care of its release.

As players progress through Kirby and the Forgotten Land and save more Waddle Dees, players will slowly unlock more buildings in Waddle Dee Town that allow Kirby to do more and access more mini-games and options.

One of these is the Waddle Dee-liveries and the Delivery Waddle Dee, a building that allows players to input present codes that give the player and Kirby items ranging from Star Coins to buy items and trophies and more.

Players can find these present codes either hidden around the world and Waddle Dee Town. Nintendo also has a habit of giving things away like this over social media. So if you want some freebies, these are the codes you should enter to help you on your quest.

Just remember, though, they are case-sensitive.

All Kirby And The Forgotten Land Codes

Kirby And The Forgotten Land
ほおばりヘンケイでだいぼうけん100x Star Coin, Car-Mouth Cake25th Apr 2022
MOUTHFULMODE100x Star Coin, Car-Mouth Cake25th Apr 2022
KIRBYNEWSDESK150x Star Coin, Energy Drink25th Apr 2022
KIRBYMICROSITE150x Star Coin, Attack Boost10th Jun 2022
KIRBYGAMESTOPCAN150x Star Coin, Maxim TomatoUnknown
KIRBYADVENTURECALI300x Star Coin, 4x Food ItemUnknown
GAMENEWSRare StoneUnknown
BRAWLINGCOLOSSEUM500x Star Coin, Attack BoostN/A
CLEARDEMO300x Star CoinN/A
KIRBYTHEGOURMETRare Stone, Car-Mouth CakeN/A
NEWADVENTURE300x Star Coin, Rare StoneN/A
THANKYOUKIRBY1000x Star Coin, Rare StoneN/A

Expired Codes

There is very less chance that these codes in Kirby and the Forgotten Land will be expired. Almost all the in-game gifts for Nintendo games usually are there forever. And especially in KaFL, these codes are available in-game. Just take the demo, for example, here the CLEARDEMO code is available for players once they complete 3 demo stages, FIRSTPASSWORD is avilable from the wall facing Waddle Dee-liveries, and finally, once you complete the entire demo you get the NEWADVENTURE code. So unless Nintendo decides to disable all these codes from the demo, these codes are not going to expire anytime soon.

How to Redeem Present Codes?

The redeem option will be available in the demo version of the game. So with that in mind, here’s how to redeem Present Codes:

  1. Rescue minimum x50 Waddle Dees
  2. Go to “Waddle Dee Town”
  3. You will unlock “Waddle Dee Liveries”
  4. Talk to “Delivery Waddle Dee”
  5. A new code redeem window will open now
  6. Type in the working codes from our list
  7. These codes must be typed in all Capital case
  8. Now go to “Kirby’s House”
  9. Your gift will be delivered here
  10. Repeat the process to redeem more codes

That’s all for Kirby and the Forgotten Land Present Codes. While you are here, make sure to check out our Video Game Guides for tips & tricks in all the latest popular games right now.


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