“John Wick 2” sequel

“John Wick 2” sequel

The exact release date of John Wick 2 has long been known. Many are waiting for it, because almost everyone liked this film. I also liked the game, the well-known actor, Keanu Reeves. Plus, it’s always interesting to see how Americans try to portray the evil Russian mafia.

It remains to wait not long at all, because the release date of John Wick 2 itself is scheduled for – February 9, 2017. On this day, you will find out what awaits the main character next.

In the first film, an assassin named John Wick decided to end his dark past and live a normal life. But life is a complicated thing, and it doesn’t always work out the way we want. After the death of his wife, John is left with a dog, the only meaning in his life. Under certain circumstances, the stupid majors kill his dog without thinking about the consequences. In gangster circles, John is called the Boogeyman., and in the Russian version of Baba Yaga. Boogeyman begins to take revenge on those assholes who killed his dog, because jokes are bad with him. And at the end of the film, when he literally interrupted everyone, he decides to return to his work.

John Wick 2

What awaits us in the second film is not yet known. But the directors promised more special effects, more action and a more aggressive plot. $20 million spent on first film, but at the same time they earned as much as 80 million. And after such income, they immediately decided to shoot a sequel, invest more money and make the second part better than the first.



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